Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick and Easy. 9 Cats up Being Fixed at Humane Society of Willamette Valley spay neuter clinic

All my worries about using this clinic fast faded. It was quick and easy and they are very nice folks running it. I took in nine cats to be fixed from four situations. Click post title to go to their website. They do general public cats and dogs, feral cats too, at very reasonable rates. No excuses now not to fix your dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and feral cats.

I was helping a couple between Albany and Lebanon who feed strays. They trapped all they know they feed: two huge males, one of whom looks to me to be FIV positive, a blue female and her one surviving kitten (all black), at least they think it's the only survivor. Then one tame kitten, abandoned with him mother, now deceased.

They live at the edge of a busy road. An orange and white mom cat with kittens was dumped off there, but the orange and white mom did not survive. If there were more kittens, they didn't either. One male orange tux did survive but he has to live outside even though he is tame, because they have tons of dogs who would kill him.

They used to be dog breeders but quit when they could no longer sell the dogs or find decent adoptors. They have resigned to caring for over a dozen dogs still left for life, but only one is fixed, so they have to be kept seperate and often crated.

I am trying to find help for them in getting all those dogs fixed, but money is scarce and sympathy for a breeder's plight won't be easily forthcoming.

So, at least all the stray cats they also feed will be fixed. Five of them.

I trapped one of the two kittens at the rural trailer colony and it, an all black, is being fixed today.

The other two kittens, a torti and a black tux long hair male, from N. Albany, are up being fixed. That leaves one orange kitten and one male up there needing caught. That is, unless the young Siamese's kittens survive. If she shows up with them, they'll need caught and fixed, too.

The ninth cat is an abandoned chocolate point Siamese male from Albany.

I am beyond tired, but really happy I've been able to get so many cats in lately. Please remember, every dime you donate to Poppa Inc. goes into fixing cats. Donate at www.poppainc.org. This is an unbelievably effective way to help cats in this area.


  1. Hi Strayer,

    I've been following your posts for a few weeks now and I have to say that what you do, the heart, soul and humor that you put into it, is nothing short of inspiring.

    I recently moved from an area in Montana where, just last summer, I had adopted two ferral kittens (it started as a foster...but... ) and then little wild (literally) little starving and terrified calico girl. I was able to go to a spay/neuter clinic there and got all three of them fixed for only $75, plus their first shots.

    Now, sadly, I have relocated to the southwest corner of Nebraska, VERY rural and VERY callous in their approach to taking care of all the abandoned, wild and just homeless animals down here. Just to get a young male dog (a local stray that has found a home here) is $100 and it's that much even to have my old labrador put down and another 115 - 135 if I want her cremated so I can take her back to Montana (where both of us were much happier). I'm poor down here, more so than I think I have ever been in my adult life and it's ridiculous that it costs so much to be a responsible pet owner. It's no wonder there are so many suffering animals in the area. Especially since there are SO many animals here for the vets to work on, and what seems to be a relatively small ratio of vets to animals. I don't understand the exhorbitant cost.

    At any rate, what amazes me is the overwhelming population here and there are NO spay/neuter clinics and with the cost being so high in an area where you're either well off, or barely, if at all, making it - it just seems callous and cold to me. And it hurts my heart so often, especially when I speak about it and most folks say "that's just the way it is around here"... "animals die a lot".

    Ok - it seems now like I'm unloading on you and that's not my intention at all. I just wanted you to know that there is someone else out here that would give just as much of their own, as little as it may be, to help do what you do. And, if I lived close enough to move, and could find any kind of work - I'd be out there at night helping you catch kitties. :)

    God bless you, really. You are someone who will NEVER be lonely when you go to meet your friends over the Rainbow Bridge!

  2. I'll remember them for future reference.

  3. First off, that's really nice you try so hard, do so much, without anything. I wish some of the wealthy would get into helping the animals.

    I don't know if you were reading when blog readers were trying to help Joy, in Helbrith, spelling might be wrong, NE, get cats she fed, from a deceased neighbor, fixed. She had a terrible time of it, finding affordable spay neuter in NE, and ended trucking some cats to a low cost clinic in Colorado.

    It's crazy, the overpopulation problem and how it is so ignored.