Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Alsea and Beyond!!!!

I travelled to the remote corners of the coast range to witness a culture hidden from society and time. This culture, living in a community called Gordyville is secretive, independent natured, beautiful and hidden far from the eyes of most civilized peoples.

I noted in my adventure that even here, they don't fix their cats. This was a great disappointment as I had hoped to meet enlightenment, but there is not enlightenment to be found where also are found unfixed cats. So be it. I must journey even farther.

Gordyville is a town to itself, composed of about 8 to ten houses, on property owned by one man. Yes. His first name happens to be Gorden. How did you guess?

I have long desired to have my own small town. But then again, after thinking it through carefully, I've decided against such a goal. I'd rather be a hermit living in a very large tree trunk.

Gordyville's residents, living in this small community composed of family members and their friends, got 8 cats fixed through Poppa Inc. and myself a month or so ago. This time, I trapped a supposedly feral male, but he's not feral at all, just scared. He howled his head off then allowed petting through the trap mesh once caught and he was, to be honest, a very easy catch. Someone dumped the poor boy way way out there, to die, but he didn't, he found Gordyville.

I also have two tame females, a tame male, and a tame male kitten. Alas, Edward, the other tame male, took off long before I arrived. But, they also have 8 more, that's right, 8 MORE kittens, who will need fixed once big enough. Gordyville then will be fixed. I did offer one guy a neuter job, since they had said they had seven cats to come, but only had five, leaving me two free spots and so I suggested to one young adult, he could slip in as number six and nobody would say a word, I was sure. He freaked out, man.

Gordyville lies in beautiful country south of Alsea on the slopes of the Coast Range. From there, you can travel on to Eugene, if you know the back roads, or connect with Highway 36, also on back roads. Or, you can get lost and end up a rotting skeleton in your dead car somewhere on one of the many branching roads to nowhere.

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