Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stupid Stunt with N. Albany Kittens

I had Nemo's stool analized. They found nothing but suspected giardia due to the greenish tinge to the three kittens' diarrhea. This makes sense because they drink from wetland water fouled with nutria waste or from water running through a horse used field.

I asked the vet if year old malted metro, refrigerated during that year, would still be good. I'm drop dead broke, you see. Affording more metro, out of the question currently.

She thought it might be ok. But there has been no improvement in the ten days they have been on it. Today, I think, "oh my gawd, that malt has sugar in it, and it has rotted in a year. There's no way it couldn't have unless I'd frozen it." I've been giving them rotten medicine. Poison really.

I dumped it out and kicked myself for being so stupid. I expect them now to recover quickly.

They're gaining weight nonetheless and are so lovable. However, they still run if I walk into the bathroom, so they're not totally socialized yet. But I carry them around and they just love being brushed. I gave Nemo a bad haircut intially, because he's had hairball issues. The boys have thin long hair, the worst for developing hairballs.

All three are ragdoll like, in that they flop limp when picked up. They're adorable and having the time of their life, playing, sleeping and being cuddled.

Heartland has asked me to take three unsocialized kittens they got in, rather than them having to kill them, I thought they were saying, as feral and unsociable. They want to trade me for social kittens, but I don't have any ready, only Machi, who is pretty much spoken for by a woman returning July 31. The two girls, Fantasia and Echo, are not social enough for Heartland really. Their brothers were, but boys are always easier to socialize. The three from N. Albany have diarrhea, so are not candidates. And Slurpy and Tabitha are both spoken for too.

So, the unspoken for kittens here, five in all, Echo, Fantasia, Nemo, Peko and Starry are not suitable. However, I'll likely agree to foster only the three, to socialize them, in exchange for something. Advantage maybe. Metronizadole maybe, if they have it.

I'm sure something can be worked out, to keep these three kittens in the living zone, and not push me further into the red zone. UPDATE: Heartland decided to take the kittens out of that foster home, who also has the mom, who is pregnant again. Mom and kittens were dumped in a Corvallis park. They will also fix the kittens then send them out to a more experienced fosterer. So I'm off the hook and the kittens will be fine.

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