Friday, July 30, 2010

Couch Crying

This afternoon, after returning home from the clinic and taking the five boys back to their home, I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, Diane had come and taken the manx girl home, from my garage.

I have felt dead today. I didn't sleep much last night. My stomach hurt and I was having allergy troubles.

I guess that's why I was so tired today and finally collapsed on the couch. After eating some supper, I lay down again. This time, I shook with sobs. Lonliness has been getting to me. I long for some one to talk to, a friend, someone to do things with.

The stress also is getting to me, of so many calls, so many people asking so much of me, so many cats and kittens in trouble. It is a terrible weight to bear.

Also, I understand the magnitude of the overpopulation problem just here, in this small valley, and that, if others don't step up and fix their own cats, stop handing out unfixed kittens, things likely won't change. It's an understanding of the hopelessness of the situation and this too bears down on me heavily. I know well the implications of every free kitten handed out, down the road, for the cats. Nobody really cares around here. Why should I?

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