Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nine Cats Being Fixed Today

Eight Albany cats and one Corvallis cat are up being fixed today. Three of those being fixed are Machi, Echo and Fantasia. That leaves only Slurpy unfixed here. She still is "slurping" with a cold, which is frustrating. I think she will have chronic herpes, making her probably unadoptible, unless, as she approaches four months of age, her forming immune system kicks in to overcome it. I am hoping very much that happens.

The three N. Albany kittens are getting so tame. Once their diarrhea is over with, I sure hope to find them homes.

I got two more calls about two more Albany situations. One is down town, not that far from where Echo and Fantasia were born to the feral mom, Meesa, and very close to where I got about 10 ferals fixed fed by a neighbor of a boarding house. Behind that house was a small stand alone house where the tenant who lived there abandoned his cat when he left. That cat was Hope, who had kittens, and later had an eye knocked out by blunt force trauma. She retreated back into the falling apart house where she had once been "owned", with her kittens.

She remembered me, from when I got her spayed. When I saw her inside, I took a photo through the window. There was a note from the police on the door of that rental, which was being worked on by a maintenance man hired by the owner. The note directed the owner or maintenance man to call them, about the injured cat inside. But the owner did not respond, so the house was locked up tight. Hope had entered through a hole in the foundation then a hole in the floor of the house.

But she remembered me. When I tapped on the window, she began meowing. I pointed toward the room with the hole in the floor then went to the foundation hole out back. Hope shoved her kittens out before she came out. She had her eye removed, and after a long saga, was adopted by a couple in Bend, who now take her everywhere with them, when they travel in their RV. She is one well traveled one eyed cat!

Anyhow, Poppa's president ended up with three semi feral flea hopping teens, whom she was never able to adopt out. And I was able to adopt out another Siamese kitten from same yard, and got the four feral adults fixed. They were returned.

Now, down the next block, someone else is feeding more. She's a nice woman from the sounds of it, but the neighbor across the street just took four of one mother's six week old kittens to Salem, where, she was told, they were killed. Anyhow, that's my next project.

The other caller was a familiar voice. The Bengal man. He has more kittens and unfixed cats and he claims a neighbor is trapping his cats and dumping them out somewhere. I got 24 or some such number fixed last summer for him and Shaulin is one of the three worm bellied kittens I took out. He's had my number. He could have called and gotten this taken care of before there were more kittens. It's frustrating. He called because the animal control officer has been over there or called him twice, after probably a neighbor complained.

He said he told him "What can I do? Safehaven won't take them." The officer called Safehaven, the man said, and confirmed they would not take any of them. So, with no recourse, the officer left it I guess, or gave him my number, I don't know. Anyhow, he claims there are still three unfixed females with kittens, although one has disappeared and one just had two kittens, a snow Bengal. Must be pretty kittens. I don't know, stressed me out to hear about it, to think of those poor cats caught in this.

Well anyhow, there are five males getting fixed from an Albany household. Their neighbor left seven cats behind when they moved out, but these folks found homes for the two girls. They could not find homes for the five boys and while trying, fell in love with them. The landlord said if they were fixed, they could keep them. That's great news. So today, they are getting their ticket to stay by losing their balls.

The Corvallis female, up being fixed, is a very pretty young and petite black manx. My goodness she is pretty. She too, despite her young age, just finished nursing a litter.

So, at least nine more cats from this area will no longer be reproducing. That's a good thing. Progress maybe. I get discouraged seeing the vast number of free kitten ads out there.

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