Friday, July 30, 2010

Refreshed. Back at It.

A good nights' sleep can sure create a better attitude.

I am refreshed after sleeping 10 hours.

I'm back at it.

Already plotting and planning how to at least clean up the situations I've started.

There are four or more left to catch at the rural trailer colony.

There are at least six left up at the Lebanon trailer park where Machi, now neutered, hails from.

There are at least two left at that Rock Hill Lebanon colony, that is so difficult.

As for the N. Albany colony, I can't get any help up there, from residents, but there was at least one more adult male and one more adult female. Both come up from a seed warehouse, but only are seen occasionally and when seen, are seen by the horse people, who have locked gates on their barn and fenceline understandably. They're quite nice but exceedingly busy and are also inundated with raccoons, requiring someone to watch a trap or that it be set up on a table that raccoons cannot jump onto. There was also the Siamese female, lactating at spay. Where are her kittens?

There is the downtown Albany new colony, which includes a mom with four kittens. The caller took in one of the kittens and is bottle feeding her, but the mom then moved the other three. There are other cats in that area she used to feed until neighbors threw a fit.

There is one more male at the other downtown colony, where Meesa and her kittens came from.

There is a male in Corvallis although I lost the caller's phone number. I thought she would call back by now. I already got six fixed from there.

There is the Tangent colony, across from the grange. I haven't tackled it, other than to get the spillovers fixed, 10 from the grange, five more dumped behind the colony, 8 fixed from the colony itself. I know, 23 cats fixed is a significant number of cats already taken care of, from that one colony, now fixed and gone from there, except for three adults that were returned. But there are more and they reproduce rapidly.

There are five kittens in Corvallis, from that man living in that old old falling apart trailer, whose female was fixed ten days ago. There are 8 kittens and one adult male still needing fixed from Gordyville. Already 13 cats have been fixed from there. There are survivor kittens, if any, of the Siamese mix female, from the Lebanon old woman, whom I trapped and took to be fixed awhile back. I followed her, after releasing her, and spotted the kittens, across the street behind a barn, when she called them out to her. I saw at least three, but they were far from any food and looked starved. It is iffy if any of them will survive.

If I don't follow up and finish these hot spots, more cats will reproduce and be born to die or to be handed out free, and go on to reproduce elsewhere.

Sad fact, if somebody doesn't round them up to be fixed, there only will be more suffering for the cats later on.

Somebody needs to do this work. I mean, duh. If people are so callous, so selfish they let their cats breed in this world, somebody is going to have to track down and fix these cats to repair the damage such people do to cats and neighborhoods and the environment and taxpayers. Someone has to do it.

There are only a handful of people in this area willing to dirty their hands and bleed out their hearts and wallets to try.

There is no monetary reward. There are no volunteer recognition awards either. There's nothing in it except for the grateful hugs of kittens like Nemo, who won't let me go, and clings to me for dear life. He knows what his fate would have been. He knows. He's so grateful he won't let go of me.

It keeps me going.

If people truely understood what the results of their behavior is in the horrible suffering for kittens and cats, would they continue their ways? It's hard to imagine that they would. It's hard to imagine that people would be so callous to suffering.

Can they not connect the dots? If I do "A" and the result is "B" while "C" results from "B", then when I do "A", "C" is the result.

All I know is they need reminded over and over and over again sometimes in their face, that when they let their cats have kittens, they are killing cats and causing immense suffering and costs down the line.

Wake up! Educate yourselves please.

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