Sunday, June 27, 2010

Safehaven to Build an Even Bigger Shelter

Safehaven is building an even bigger shelter. I've always felt you could fill any shelter built. You have to stop overpopulation at its source, through spay neuter. Bigger shelters then need to fill them with animals. There is no incentive to stop the suffering. Big shelters also are in constant need of money, to maintain their overhead and staff, sucking more money from the community, money that could be used to actually solve the problem. Click post title to go to article.

I'm getting calls today, for help with spay neuter. I guess I should probably just not answer my phone for now, until I can figure out if we're going to have to stop, Poppa that is, getting cats fixed in this area, due to lack of anywhere to get the animals fixed that is affordable.

I see shelters going the wrong direction, getting bigger, taking all the money available, getting the credibility because they have been in the community for a long time with paid staff. They get the soap box and their soap box isn't spay neuter as a solution to solve the problem once and for all.

Small communities like this one have a very limited amount of donations to be had. I will say it again, although it is not needed to say to the few who read this blog: the most efficient effective way to help animals, to stop hundreds of thousands of them from ever ending up born and then in trouble, or in need of shelter care, is not to build bigger shelters or more shelters. It is to put large amounts of money into spay neuter.

Myself and other individuals and small groups have done so in this county, unpaid and unheralded. Safehaven houses a fraction of the aftermath of overpopulation. Please donate to Poppa Inc.

Well, oh well. If people want to put their money into a shelter, then that's the way it is. I suppose I should be tough and tell people to call Safehaven if they need help, because maybe it's bad, like codependency in a way, like enabling, to knock myself out as a private person trying to solve it, when the bigger money shelters do pretty much nothing about it. Maybe my stategy isn't really good at all.

One vet told me he drives by that big fancy OR Humane shelter and shakes his head when he thinks of how all the money put into that could actually have made a difference for animals if instead it had been put into spay neuter. Sheltering has become a self-perpetuating industry.

Ah well. Some things will never change and no sense getting into a tizzy because they don't. If I can't find a clinic now, to take cats to, to be fixed, that's how it is, and I'll move on. And maybe, just maybe this is a sign, that it might be my time to work on my dream of getting out of the city, to find a another living situation.

I do have dreams outside of solving feline overpopulation. Probably isn't apparent reading this blog. But I do. I want to live in a rural setting again, for one thing. I've been searching for property caretaking positions on the side, for several months, or some other job I can do, that comes with a rental in a rural setting.

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