Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still Dead in the Water

I have been unable to come up with a clinic where I can take cats to be fixed. I have been trying to contact the Willamette spay neuter clinic at the humane society there, but have been unable to get ahold of anyone yet.

The problem I foresee is they only do ferals once a week, same problems as with FCCO clinics. I am one person and usually try to trap several colonies if it is a one day clinic, wearing me out badly, running all over the county to different colonies, the night before. They will not do cats as ferals unless they come in live traps. I have only seven live traps. Usually I extend the numbers of ferals by just transferring them to carriers.

Then there is the paperwork, piles of it, on any cat, with all sorts of questions, and more paperwork at the clinic, lines to stand in, just more hassle and I wish things could be easy on people trying to halt the problem, not so difficult.

I wish I could just use the vet I've been using but Poppa doesn't pay for pain meds, and I would have to pay the add on fee myself, which is undoable. I already pay for my own gas and for flea treatment for each cat, which is a massive expenditure on my part for these Linn cats. I am living on almost nothing, you see.

This might be the end for me, of helping round up cats to be fixed. Very very sad.

I don't even know where I will get all these kittens fixed, now occupying my bedroom. I'm in deep doodoo. Thank you so much OR vet board.

I am cranky enough over a new rule causing all this I thought "I should join the tea party."

How does government have a right to do such things, that affect people's ability to solve severe state problems? How can they just make rules that can grind progress to a halt and put people out of work, I keep thinking. Government is supposed to be there to serve the people. Government is supposed to remove big logs that fall onto the highway we travel not throw big logs onto the road, to impede the journey through life. Now, a person has to think before they do anything, of all the permits and permissions and rules and fees and hoops to jump through before they can do much of anything, from starting a business to improving their property. Government interference should be the last excuse a person would ever cite as reason they cannot do something.

Feline overpopulation is a huge problem in our state. Government should not impede in any way efforts by citizens to address the problem. In fact, if anything, they should figure out a way to effectively help and remove any logs that fall into the path of addressing feline overpopulation.

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