Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Neighbor Another Cat Hater

Someone has been moving into the open rental house. A zillion pickups have been around the front of it. I went down to introduce myself. I do tell them, when they ask what I do, about helping get cats fixed and having rescued cats. The daughter, don't know if she will be living there or not, an adult, says, they don't like cats, that there was a cat at their last place they took care of because it adopted them but they left it behind.

I didn't say to them, strangers to me, now neighbors, who have dogs, "Boy, I just hate weener dogs." I never would do that. So why do people say they dislike cats to someone they just met who has just said she helps cats? I guess it's just a way to make sure you won't ever have to be on friendly terms with your neighbor. That's the only reason I can think of someone would say that, in a first encounter.

They will get their wish. I am not friendly with cat haters, especially who just left one behind.

I always try when someone new moves in. I introduce myself. There's always an outside chance I meet somebody with whom I'll strike up a friendship or have common interests. Just because I have not had luck so far with that, doesn't mean one day I won't.

You know who I miss? I miss the military recruiters. They were brash and self confident, loud, stylish and cool on their motorcycles in their black leathers, and also super friendly. I miss them. I didn't know them that well, but I could always go down and they'd be friendly and act happy to see me.

They left a couple years ago. They jumped at a transfer to the midwest because their family is back there. They did not like the climate here at all and were lonely for family/friends. I hope neither one of them gets killed in a war anywhere. They both loved war. The guy especially. He told me, "I'm going to tell you right off, this whole war thing, I love it. I was born for it." I liked his blunt honesty.

The military recruiter gave me one of the biggest compliments I've received. He told me "When I see a cat now, I'm going to think of you." He also told me, after he'd been drinking, and I'd told him how old I was, when he asked, "Noooo! You can't be that old. You're a good looking woman for over fifty. I'd be after you, but she'd have to shoot you," he was pointing with the beer can in one hand towards his wife, also in the military. She looked like she was trying to silence him with a glance.

I received another compliment when I was trapping at the request of another group down in Eugene. That mechanic who owned the shop, behind which I was trapping, was hot! I still think about him. He was a good man, too, with brains. But his wife stopped by the shop to let me know, in no uncertain terms, that Martin was unavailable. I don't go after married men anyhow, but I will remember Martin. OMG! The compliment was that his wife thought I was a threat!

Another compliment I received came from an unlikely source. I'd been trapping next to a business down south that I was sure was a chop shop. I just tried to keep a real low profile and my mouth shut. In the night, I would see someone come out, stand in front of the big closed bay, talk on a cell, then go back inside. A few moments later, a car would drive up and blink its lights, the bay door would open, the car would go in, then the bay door would close.

By day, the business claimed to be an auto body shop but I knew that was not the whole story there. I was trapping little kittens abandoned nearby.

One night, I had dozed off in my car, an old corolla that barely ran. I was startled awake. Someone was right at my window. I fumbled for my pepper spray, pocket knife anything. This was not a nice neighborhood.

I recognized the guy, from one who hung around the chop shop. Stupidly, I rolled down my window to see what he wanted. He wanted to be nice.

He said "You been doing all this and nobody pays you? To save some kittens? You're a good person. We want to do something for you. What kind of car do you want, any kind, we'll have it here for you tomorrow."

I knew what that probably meant. I fumbled for words and finally decided upon honesty. I said. "My gosh, thank you. Nobody ever makes such a nice offer. But I tell you, no matter what I do, even if I'm out in the middle of a desert and run a stop sign, I get caught. I just would not feel comfortable driving a stolen car. But thank you so much for the offer."

I meant it, too. What a compliment. I have never forgotten that.

The man also told me "Don't you worry about falling asleep. We got you covered." Do you know what that does for a girl like me, to have someone say they've got my back? A girl whose had to tough life out alone? I'll tell you what it did for me. It made me happy. It made me sit there in the dark on that dark remote street and smile for a good long time before I feel asleep.

Anyhow, I miss the military recruiter family. As for the new people, the professed cat dislikers, I'll just do what I do and forget about em. Cat haters are bores anyhow, to be honest, usually predictable and controlling.

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