Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kittens Improving

This is the second torti from the Lebanon colony. She was spayed last Wednesday.
I was trying to determine if this was indeed a different torti than the one already fixed, which is not so easy from a distance sometimes. She was not fixed and in this photo, taken at maximum zoom, was advancing towards the drop trap. I put down the camera and yanked the string, that pulled out the stick holding up the drop trap. I then had to leap from my car and make a mad dash for the trap, to hold it down while I threw a blanket over it. Then, I could fetch a transfer trap and transfer her into a live trap from the drop trap. I keep meaning to make improvements to the drop trap, so that it has a catch board, to land and latch onto. Otherwise, the cats can bounce it up enough for one or all to get under an edge and be gone. This happens most often if several cats are under the trap when I yank the cord and when I yank it from long distances.
Tabitha, one of the three kittens in my bathroom, sick, from the Lebanon situation. Tabitha is almost over her cold, but still has an inflamed second eyelid in one eye.
Tabitha again, showing clearly the conjunctivitis she has been fighting off.
Skye at least is finally opened her terribly inflamed eyes. I am not sold on the anti viral drops anymore and am going to switch back to antibiotic ointment. Skye was terribly ill when I got the three back from Heartland and she hadn't eaten in days. She has, until two days ago, here, existed on force fed nutrical and sub cu fluids. I did not think she would survive she was so very sick. But she has. Now she is eating on her own and even playing.
Prancer, Tabitha and Skye. Prancer shows off. Tabitha and Skye watch.

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