Friday, June 11, 2010

Kyron Horman Sighting in Yreka, CA?

Click post title to go to a bizarre twist in the missing Portland boy saga. An Idaho psychic told police that Kyron is in the Yreka, CA area. After that, someone saw a little boy who looks like Kyron in a Yreka Walmart with an older couple. Police reviewed the video tape from Walmart and have sent it to Portland investigators to see if it is possible the boy in the video with the older couple might be Kyron.

I can't imagine why an older couple would kidnap a little boy. The reasons are never good. They usually involve the sex or child porn industry.

I hope this is not some publicity stunt by the psychic.

If it is Kyron, at least he would still be alive. And I hope, if it is him in the video, law enforcement gets the bastards real quick and spirits Kyron back to his family.

I have become obsessed with the search, hoping and hoping. I can't stand it when little kids go missing. Drives me nuts. I keep hoping for breaking news to pop up that he has been found. How could a little boy go to school and just disappear? How could that happen?

There are three possibilities. That he didn't stay at school, which would mean a family member took him and did something to him. That's number one and there's no good outcome there. Number two is that a stranger or family or school acquantance took him. And there's usually no good outcome there either. The third reason is that he hid somewhere, and then got into trouble quickly, couldn't get out, couldn't breath, something like that, or that he wandered off, got lost, hurt, fell, and by now, has died of hypothermia.

If he is out there dead, from wandering off, the vultures will soon let searchers know that. Why would a little boy wander off, with class I think about to start? The only reason I could think of was if he was already outside, went to the playground, saw something and went to investigate and never made it back. Or was out there, and god forbid, a hungry predator took him. But this is all so unlikely.

They have released few details. Details like when did class start that morning and was that when he was noticed missing. I find it curious no one remembers seeing him that morning. The only other sighting of Kyron that morning was allegedly by his deskmate, of the same age, who claims to have passed him in the hall and that Kyron said he was headed to look at the "electric" science exhibit again.

If that is the case, then he would have disappeared between that spot and wherever the electric project was? Who was in there looking at it, when Kyron might have entered, surely someone, and if someone was, and did not see him, was that classmate telling the truth? Little kids lie for all sorts of reasons, including to be in on something, or because they feel it is expected, or to mitigate a loss.

Supposedly there were tons of people in the school, and no one else saw him, just one little kid, beside his step mom? Now that's too wierd. I'd be going over and over the story that little kid is telling, to see if it is true and if it isn't, I'd be going over and over the story with step mom.

She's a big facebook user. Social media is being heralded for getting out the word on Kyron. But what if Facebook was the weapon used to find and stalk Kyron through his stepmom's activity there. What if Kyron was being silently stalked beforehand, by someone who seemed like a "friend" on facebook, but who was in fact not at all a friend, but someone intent on grabbing a child.

If a cat gets lost, they're rarely found. If they've never been outside and get outside, you start running down the possibilities. They're going to be scared, look for a safe place to hide away, come out only under the shield of darkness at first. Usually, you have to go out at night and early morning to look, with a flashlight. Often, to find them you put out a huge plate of food, and then you sit way back, quiet, with binoculars and wait and watch.

I remember the search for two boys that went on and on. All the while, they were right there, beneath their eyes, in a trunk, dead, suffocated. Accidental.

And the boy searched for diligently, found much later. He'd apparently died of hypothermia very very close to the house and had been covered in snow. Or, more recently in southern Oregon, a toddler runs out into the woods and vanishes. A family friend found her just in time, deep in berry vines, barely visible to him. But he'd called and stood in silence listening. This too was very very close to her home, as would be common sense.

What if he is around or in that school still? Bring in a corpse dog. Think outside the box of where a kid could get closed into it, and not be heard. I'm sure they've done all this. I'm telling you, missing kid stories drive me nuts. I want them to find him.

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