Saturday, June 12, 2010

Been E-mailing HSUS

I've been trying to find spay neuter grant money to keep Poppa Inc. going. So, I took the bull by the horns and e-mailed Humane Society of the United States. I know they raked in over 80 million the year before last in donations from reading their tax return on Guide Star. I know they have over 40 employees making over 100k a year.

And, I found out, they have at least two employees in Oregon. I got answered by someone named Scott, who I guess lives in Oregon and is one of their employees. He responded very very briefly. One sentence in fact. He said they fund some groups that then give grants for spay neuter. I asked "What groups?" No response so far.

Then I e-mailed a Portland HSUS employee who used to live in Lebanon. I only know that because the local paper has a reporter who is a friend of hers and writes articles periodically about her. I figured, "Why not try her? She's from Lebanon. She has to know how bad the situation is there at least for cats."

I gave her the whole spiel, about how bad it is in this county, how there are no county services for cats, gave her a brief run down on Poppa Inc. and how many cats I've taken in just in the last two years, using Poppa Inc. funds and asked again if the HSUS could give out grants to fund spay neuter. I told her I was contacting her because this is a huge problem and we need the big national big money organizations on board, because they have the big bucks to help solve it. And the advertising and publicity to do it. Sure I was begging. I don't care anymore. The HSUS is a rich organization. I really have no idea what they do. No idea. I tried to find out specifics on their website to no avail. It's all very vague to me.

I know they have funded political campaigns, like for some measure once in CA. They say they've given funds to a horse rescue with 200 rescued horses somewhere in Oregon, which is good. But with as many high paid staff as they have and raking in the money they are, where is it all going?

I'd like to see a lot of it fund spay neuter. I hope I get a response from the former Lebanon resident who now works for HSUS. She must know how bad it is here. She couldn't not know if she lived there. So I hope she understands and can light some fires under the right people and get some money back here in grants for spay neuter. Wouldn't that be nice? I know she could do it. I am crossing my fingers that she will respond.

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