Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Health Plan Might Set Oregon Apart

Click the post title to go to local paper story about a proposed health plan, funded by a sales tax, that would cover every Oregonian, and, most importlantly, remove health care burdens from employers.

What might this do for Oregon? Lighten the financial load on current employers and bring Oregon business!

It could. One huge barrier for successful business, one huge burden, is providing health care.

It is speculated that, when the new health care bill is implemented, many healthy young adults will simply pay the fine, for not having health care, because the fine would be cheaper than the outlandish premiums charged by insurance companies.

We might actually attract the young and bright to Oregon with such a bold move. Oregon might profit from the national health care bill, if we enacted something like that described in the editorial.

What do you think? It's innovative in that the health care that would cover every Oregonian is basic and people are free to buy further coverage from the private sector.

Would this attract business or just free loaders from other states? But what if we also enacted social reforms? I don't know much about the social system these days or who is on it. I know in Albany there are tons of single moms. I assume many are on welfare but I don't know that. But if there were, what if we enacted reforms to break the cycle, so those kids don't grow up to end up also in the social system?

What about, if a woman gets pregnant, father absconds on responsibility, if, to receive benefits, they would move to complexes, compounds, also inhabited by older adults, retirees, etc, all who helped raise those kids, while the mothers helped, received skills training, perhaps went back to school. The kids would be raised away from the environment their mother may have existed in, of young adults involved in drugs, crime and doing nothing.

I feel there should also be a way to place societal responsibility on the men who impregnant then vanish. The women are left to raise the kids and face the rage of society for "being a single unwed mother".

There must be some way to break the cycle and if there is, that would be wonderful, not just for taxpayers, but for the kids born into such lives.

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