Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Push Mower Problem

I took the entire mower apart. These are the whirly blades that cut.
That bearing, on one end of the blade axle will barely rotate while the one on the other end, spins freely. I don't know how to repair that. I don't know how to get it off or how to add grease if they're just dry. I can't find a point where I could get grease in.

I left a message with brother, the mechanical one, but no reply. I hope he's off recreating somewhere, relaxing. I'll figure this out or deal with life without the push mower.

Maybe I could have the old man kill my lawn grass again. Might not be a bad solution.

Online, I didn't find any useful tips on this repair, but, I found a way to easily sharpen the thing. You tighten up the cutting blade to a certain point, paper distance from the spinning blades and add some lap, a sharpening compound, then push the mower along the sidewalk for 50 feet or so, then remove all the compound and that's supposed to do it.

You can purchase sharpening kits for the newer reel mowers, but they're just sharpening quality sandpaper you attach, and then do the same thing. The compound sounds easier.

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  1. of course, the old man is mostly deaf so if you say "Go kill the lawn grass" he might hear it as "go kill all the asses on my lawn..." - which might work if any of them are shooting bb guns at the time...