Saturday, May 22, 2010

Any Good on DR?

I got called about another situation, only this time, I was told, it was on the "good" block of DR, not the druggee part.

Neighbors moved out and left behind a beautiful but unneutered long hair flame point. That was three months ago. Apparently he's had almost no food since. Until some people pet sat for a woman's dog while she was in California. She's sold the house and is moving out in a couple of weeks. The pet sitters are animal lovers, thank god.

They wanted help catching this poor cat. I went and set a trap this morning. I used a mirror and flashlight to see him under the shed. The pet sitters have been there I think two weeks maybe and have tried to feed him. At first he ate all the food they gave him, but then, the last week, he's barely eaten a thing. Today, after I left, he came out, and couldn't stand, just flopped down on the cement. They called. I went and put a net over the poor boy then carried him into the bathroom and laid him on a towel, before just picking him up and holding him in my arms.

He responded quickly to being petted. He had missed it.

He was terribly thin and terribly matted. I clipped off mats while they called River's Edge to see if they could bring him over.

I hope the boy makes it, but I don't know. He's very weak. I immediately start to wonder what he might have. He was cold to the touch. Urinary blockage. Hairball blockage. Tumors. FIV. Anti freeze poisoning. Bullet or pellet in him somewhere. Hit by car. Or maybe he's just dehydrated and weak because he couldn't find food, kindness and love for too long. His mouth looked perfect---pink in color and beautiful white teeth.

God bless the strays. May a wayward Scud missile take out the DR! Oh, I don't really wish for that.

UPDATE: The cat is dead. He was euthanized.


  1. Oh, God, that is so sad.

  2. He was a beautiful cat.

  3. At least there was someone kind enough to end his suffering peacefully. And he got some much missed love before he went. We need to start tattooing people who do these things. Right in the middle of their forehead. AA-animal abandoner, AB-animal abuser, CM-child molester...etc.
    That way we'll know who to aim at, er, watch out for. LOL
    Donna in Wisconsin

  4. RIP little sad...and yes, at least he got some loving ...