Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Strange Case of the OLCC Employee

Have any of read the saga of the Oregon Liquer Control Commission man arrested recently when his passport was flagged in cross references for id theft of a deceased little boy's identity?

This man applied for a social security number and birth certificate under the murdered little boy's name in Colorado in 1996. He's in jail now and refuses to talk, citing safety concerns. He won't say who he really is. He has been living under a stolen identity for 14 years.

Apparently, he was hired by the OLCC in part because he speaks fluent Spanish.

Fluent Spanish? Afraid for his safety if he reveals who he really is?

He's not that old. What a mystery!

I searched, just for fun, unsolved Colorado murders. The first one that pops up? Jon Benet Ramsey. But that was in late December of 1996, probably after this man applied for the birth certificate and ss# of the deceased little boy.

Another prominent unsolved murder in 1996? A rapper was gunned down in Las Vegas.

This guy must be scared stiff of something in his past, something he did, or something he saw that someone knows he saw. That's all I can think of.


  1. Yes, I saw that on TV a while back. It's very strange. And that was my first thought... like, okay, who got murdered in Colorado right before he assumed the new identity.

    I hope they can figure it out.

  2. But isn't it wierd he worked as a private detective for four years prior to accepting the OLCC job?

  3. Or, is the real him, presumed dead per chance, in some family murder or "accident" or other crime, only he isn't?

  4. How does a white kid grow up speakig fluent Spanish? Unless it's spoken in the home, or, in the country where he lives? Were he and his family living in Mexico or Latin America just prior, I wonder, and where is his family, would be my next question.