Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Joy

I am quitting for now. Long story. No happy endings. The DR situation, the trailer park situation, too many people demanding too much of me, screaming at me, blaming me. I can't take it anymore, so for now, I'm quitting. I have nothing left.

I ran into a woman at Winco in Salem today. I was looking for an item and asked if she knew if they had it. She asked about the cat food so I told her about what I did and she said "And you mean you haven't run off screaming into the woods yet?" She helped animals for awhile I guess, had to quit, couldn't take it. It's far harder than anyone could imagine. Only those who have done it know how bad it is out there.

I have worked hard in very very difficult work and sacrificed greatly to help others. That's all.


  1. I couldn't work with abandoned and abused animals and maintain any affection at all for the human race as a species. I tried. I don't know how you've lasted nearly this long without even the support of other people who were working alongside you. My hope is that you will give yourself credit for all the good you've done; take time away; and consider your options.

  2. Am doing so, Snow. Am no good anymore. Besides being broke. I have to step away from it at least for awhile.

  3. rest up. you deserved a break a while ago. if you choose to go back i'll be supporting you 100% if not, i can support that 100% also!

  4. Thanks Kate! I'll be doing some taking in of cats to be fixed, just not a lot for awhile. My neck and shoulder nerves are inflamed again, very painful, time to take it easy for a while. Read some books, take some walks. Sleep.