Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm in misery from allergies. I never had much trouble with allergies until moving to Albany. The city itself is surrounded in seed farms, mostly grass seed. Last year wasn't as bad as this year.

I'm in misery this year. Another reason to get out of here.

I had no energy today. I tried to get over to the FCCO clinic to work the volunteer shift I signed up for. I ended up sleeping through the alarm. I got over to Corvallis half hour late, but they had lots of volunteers. I didn't know most of them. I finally asked if it would be all right if I left. I was barely able to function due to the allergy problem.

I function ok at night when pollen counts are lower.

I never suffered from allergies like this in my life. Not until the move to Albany. I hope to figure out a resolution.

I saw my brother over the weekend for a couple of hours. I went to Eugene. His son is about to graduate from college. I don't know if he'll find a job or not. Good luck on that. He has nothing lined up yet.

I had not seen my brother for a couple of years. He seemed tired out. I worry about his company. He still has not been able to find jobs to bid. Makes me worry for him.

I came home and went to bed, then couldn't sleep, got up, made some tea, tried again to sleep, which is probably why I slept right through the alarm this morning. I don't know how many cats were fixed at the clinic. I didn't take any. It's new coordinators, all young people, and I don't feel very connected anymore anywhere.

I came home from the clinic before noon and fell asleep again. I was going to take a couple Lebanon trailer park cats to be fixed tomorrow, to fulfill a promise to help get them fixed, before the big blow up with the DR, but the people now do not respond.

I must scale way back on taking in cats for other reasons. One other reason is my failing car. Another is paying for gas. I can't do it, traveling so many miles.

I call myself unemployed now, even though my job didn't pay anything. I don't encounter that many people with jobs lately, not in Oregon. Maybe people who work for the government still have jobs but not many people otherwise I don't think because I don't run into them. I hope my brother doesn't feel alone not having work right now, because he sure isn't. I hope he can find something. He needs it.

As for myself, I don't know what I'll spend my time doing. Right now I'm just trying to survive these allergies which are severe.


  1. Strayer, I'm so sorry you're ill. The rain tonight (3:36 a.m. Monday) should give you a little respite.

    You've got my number, don't you, for when you're in town?

  2. allergies are no fun. i've spent most of the last few months with neosporin in my nose since i blow it so much the scabs never heal. ugg..come on summer!

  3. I heard the pollen counts everywhere in the US are at record highs this year, for some reason.

  4. No, I've lot is somehow, Snow. Might you resend?