Monday, May 24, 2010

Mower Attempts

Lactating young Lynx Point medium hair female, spayed today.
The lactating Lynx Point again.
Flame Point Siamese female, spayed today, also lactating, and likely the mom of some of the kittens in my bathroom. There are supposedly five adult flame points up there at least.

I talked to my brother about the sticky bearing on the blade axle of my ancient reel mower, which is preventing the easy spin of the blades and causing me great physical angst when I attempt to push the mower through grass. He said I'd need to get a bearing puller, to get it off, then getting one back on, if I can even find the part, or repack them, is tricky he said.

So I'm going for the next best option. I am cleaning out any grease left inside, using WD40 and I squirted rust remover into the bearing basket. The bearings, my brother said, are probably dry and now rusted. Quite probably they're very misshapen at this point, but I'm going to try the cheap fix of cleaning them of old grease, rust and then repacking without removing.

Wish me and the old mower luck!

A neighbor across the street was busy mowing another neighbors lawn--the lawn of the other "problem" neighbor as far as unaccepted cul de sac suburban front lawn patch care. I am another problem neighbor. This is constantly hinted at, if not spoken outright. I'm tired of being judged by my front square of lawn, to be honest. I don't want to become a worse target of derision, hence the frantic efforts on my part to repair the old rusted out reel mower.

The two cats from the new Lebanon colony were both lactating females. The little Lynx Point Siamese needs to return tonight, since she's comes to eat from way down the driveway, meaning her kittens are far from any other mother who might take over care, if she was gone a night or two, as she was last night and will be tonight. The Flame Point's kittens are those I have in my bathroom, some of them anyhow.

I had hoped the colony caretaker's daughter could take the Lynx Point home with her after work. She works in Albany. When I got home, I called her. She was on her way home, and almost to Lebanon and did not want to come back to pick up the Lynx Point. I asked her to have her eager to help six year old boy go listen for the kittens down the driveway. If she asks him, I know he'll try to find them. He was chomping at the bit last night when I was there, eager to be part of the trapping and to help. He's so darn cute.

The vet said both females have effusive fluid in their abdomens. Not FIP type fluid, but the fluid consistent with malnutrition and worms, from protein deficiency. Not surprising.

The 8 kittens are doing well. The long hair orange and white male is super friendly already. He is the largest at 1.6 lbs. The two small short hair torti's also are already tame. Both have eye conjunctivitis, but likely will improve quickly.

If I cannot find someone to foster them, they will return to the colony. I don't like to return kittens. They will turn feral and, in a few months, I'll have to track down them to be fixed.

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  1. may bag balm would work on the mower? it seems to work magic on everything LOL.
    those kittens are adorable. i hope hope you can get them addopted out somehow. the point's above look like angels.