Monday, May 24, 2010

New Lebanon Colony. Kittens Scrambling Everywhere.

A woman had to move back in with her father, who lives out on the edge of Lebanon. His mother died recently. She had also lived there and fed stray cats who bred and over ran the house. They are now all outside but they still feed them. Now that the daughter and her son have moved in, they want them fixed. I got cats fixed for the daughter when she lived in Albany.

She said she counted 25 adults. I didn't go at feeding time, which is usually late at night or very early morning. I caught only two adults. But there are kittens everywhere. She thought there were only seven and that the others had died or been taken by hawks and owls. I netted four who immediately tried to get into a set trap. They were two torti's and two orange tabby boys, all with slight eye drainage. Then she showed me three more, only it turned out to be four more, hiding inside the engine of a nonworking car, huddled down behind the wiper fluid container and inside the housing for a headlight. Three more orange tabbies and another torti. She and I pulled the little hissers out of those small spaces one by one.

But, when I was going to set a trap up on a cat house, her father had built for them to get out of the weather, a torti burst out one of the cats houses, but refused to move off. I knew kittens must be inside. Sure enough, suddenly a white calico kitten, only four weeks old or so, burst out the plastic flap door and ran for it.

In the second cat house, where a black tux cat had emerged, were two more torti kittens, younger than the others. I left those three alone and brought home the 8, hoping to find someone or somewhere to foster them until they reach two pounds and can be fixed prior to adoption.

I caught only two adults, one of five flame points and a Lynx Point Siamese medium hair and she looks young and pregnant. So total catch: 10 cats, but 8 are tiny kittens.

I hope I can find somewhere that will take them.

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