Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gaki, Mr. Former Heartland

Gaki is making improvements here. My wounds from his latest bites inflicted on me, are healing. I can tell he loves the thought of being accepted into a large cat family and by me, without judgement. He is revelling in this new found family of his. It is amazing to see his transformation from an angry lonely boy.

Gaki, the problem boy from Heartland.
Gaki watches Calamity, from Lyons street, and Zach, from the homeless camp enter the bathroom following him. They both really like him.

In other news, I have gone SEVEN days without clogging my toilet with a cleaning rag. Yes, I'm very proud.


  1. good girl @ the toilet! LOL and Gaki IS smiling!

    17 fixed at my second clinic volunteer (21 the first time but one of them died and it was mine) the vets said I could "scrub up" with them sometime!!!

    Take Care

  2. Gaki looks just like my Rook! Incredible! Glad to hear he's a happy purrer now...