Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten Cats Being Fixed Today

Well, ten of the eleven cats from that one street and situation are being fixed today. Six at one vet. Four at another. The torti I thought was trying to have kittens this morning but she did not have them, nor is she eating.

She does not seem overly stressed however and lets me pet her ear through the rabbit hutch mesh.

She's just a teenager. The reality of her, as a malnourished worm ridden teen, having kittens is if she'd had them in the berry vines or in a garage, she likely would have walked away from them. Teenage pregnancy in cats is bitter for the kittens born.

I've wormed all 11 of the cats. I am so trying to find some place for the bad eye teen, the torn throat teen, the pregnant torti and her sister, the lighter colored torti.

The other two I'd like to find homes for are the two abandoned tame cats, a little gray tabby tux teen, very cute who acts totally lost and alone, and a black and white female. I have not caught them yet. The little teen runs right up to me, but stays just out of reach when I try to pick her up.

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