Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seven More Albany Cats Fixed Today

Tails, from 34th street, neutered today.
Tails again. He's just so darn cute. The mother of the woman with him found him at a rest area on the coast.
And Tails once again.
Jack, a 34th street boy, neutered today.
Lyons street tabical, spayed today.
Lyons Street orange tabby male, neutered today.
Lyons street brown tabby, neutered today.
The torti from DR, spayed today.
Male, from DR situation, across the street, neutered today.

Seven more Albany cats were fixed today. Five males and two females.

Two 34th street owned males were fixed. Tails and Jack. Both very cute.

Three cats from Lyons street were fixed--two boys and a girl, who has two six week old kittens.

Another male from the house where Socks lives was fixed. Socks was the long hair black tux fixed on Monday. This male is black and white too but short hair. I forget his name. Both live in the Nightmare on DR situation, but across the street from the woman who feeds strays.

The pregnant torti from there, formerly pregnant, also was fixed today.

Also, someone in Cottage Grove was able to get three of the six teens from Nightmare on DR, who needed homes, into Greenhill, so when I heard this news, I drove them straight down, even though I'd just been in Wilsonville, then had to drive all the way back to pick up the seven. Was worth it I think, to help that woman get three out of there. THANK YOU JANETTA!

So far, 12 cats from the DR situation have been fixed in the last two days. Before that, another woman got six of them fixed and three of those, today went on down to Greenhill and hopefully will get homes. There are about six left needing caught including two pregnant females and two females with kittens out there somewhere, alive or dead. 3 of the 12 fixed in the last two days have belonged to close neighbors of the situation.

Here's some good news. The Corvallis couple who were feeding five strays had kept one of my traps and tied it open and were feeding in it. They went out to check to see if the cats were eating in it and there was their black female with kittens she had just given birth to.

The woman said they quickly closed the garage door, but then she told her husband, "We have to do something now." So they went back in, picked up the newborns, put them in the back of the trap and mom followed them right in and they closed the door on all of them.

Their daughter is going to foster them all. She is somehow associated with SafeHaven so they will get the mom fixed once she's done nursing and return her to the couple, once she's fixed, and take the kittens in to adopt out. The daughter went out and bought a rabbit hutch and is housing the new family in style. The trap is back in their garage, tied open. I told her "I am so proud of you for doing that. Good for you! Keep at it. Catch the others!"

I am proud of them. Four to go there. They're both very soft hearted. I told them to keep the trap as long as they needed to. And to get the cats caught at their own pace. I don't want to pressure them because it stresses them out to even think of getting the cats caught and fixed. But they caught the new mom, didn't they, like pros, using the kittens as bait. Absolutely Cool!

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