Monday, April 26, 2010

Stinod this Morning

I put Stinod back in the bathroom yesterday and really worked at giving her sub cu fluids and nutrition. Also, got a waterless vaporizer! Thank you Connie for the heads up on those. This morning, she greeted me by stretching, rolling around, and racing up to eat! I also found the Baytril pill I thought I got down her last night stuck in the hair on one leg. This time, I made sure she got it down.

That isn't easy.

So today, the Albany woman I met, also intent on saving the feline world, is getting four of the cats in to be fixed whom I trapped/rounded up and I'm going to try to find somewhere else to get the rest fixed.

The torti seems to be about to give birth this a.m. so she will not be going along.

Someone who reads this blog and lives, let's see, in Baltimore, is about to have a birthday!


  1. So glad that she seems to be doing better this morning. I'll keep thinking positive/recovery thoughts.

  2. i'm so happy about Stinod - will keep praying for her quick and easy recovery! By the way, friend of mine has a great device for getting pills down her cat, who runs otherwise.
    Oh and that birthday is still a ways off - not till 15 May - thats a whole 3 and a half weeks by my calculations - plenty of time for my anti aging machine to get working!