Sunday, April 25, 2010

11 Cats From NIghtmare on DR

I caught this torti and she will be fixed tomorrow. She's just a teenager.

Owned unfixed DLH black tux, being fixed tomorrow.
One of three black cats, being fixed tomorrow from Nightmare on DR.
A calico, being spayed tomorrow.
The teen black and white, with the injured eye.
Teenage brown tabby tux with skinned up throat.
I've got 11 cats now from this new colony, which is a nightmare in many ways.

Two are owned cats, one a female, and one a neighbor's male from across the street.

The other nine are: Three all black short hairs, a gray mottle torti teen, a pregnant classic torti, a calico, and gray and white male, a black and white teen with a bad eye, a brown tabby tux teen with a skinned up throat.

There are lots more to catch and more neighbor cats who need fixed.

There are two more tame abandoned cats roaming around whom I very much wish I could find homes.

There are at least six more females I need to nab and another black cat. I guess seven more is not so bad.

I was also called finally by a guy who has a bunch of cats. I've been by there twice in two years, when they said they'd have them ready in carriers, for me to take to be fixed. Then the guys wife will pull them out and not allow it. I guess he got a few fixed. Then I got one of his males fixed who roamed into my yard. Then I hit the same male with my car when about four cats following the man and his two dogs, out in the middle of the street, raced up and into my tire without looking. Fortunately, I had come to almost a complete stop after seeing a bunch of cats in my rearview mirror and trying to figure out what was going on.

The cat was not injured.

So the man has four adults needing fixed. He also still has two five week old kittens, from the females last most recent litter.

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