Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Six More Cow Colony Cats Being Fixed

One son, course the son's are my age, maybe, caught four of these six by hand, since the cats are really tame, it's just very difficult to get them into carriers. The other two were trapped, including the beat up tabby on white male they did not know was there.

So, they thought there were 8, and as of today, 9 will be fixed. But the son is describing a calico, mostly white, he sees sometimes he thinks. So traps remain set, just in case.

This colony resulted when the son, who will proclaim it's his fault, brought in an unfixed female as a barn cat and as a buddy for him, as he cares for the cows. There have since been two litters and they all look alike. I believe this is likely the result of only one impregnator. This could rapidly have produced an extremely inbred group of cats.

Of the six fixed today, all four females were pregnant, including two very very young ones, just teenagers. Nine cats now in all have been fixed, six of them females and five of those pregnant females. The other female, the gray tux fixed yesterday, had given birth a week ago, but the man found her kittens dead, probably because they were a first litter and she's basically a kitten herself too.

Another female, pregnant.
This one was a pregnant female.
And yet another female, also pregnant, spayed today.
One of the two boys, among the six fixed today.
The fourth pregnant female, just a kitten really, spayed today.
The other boy, neutered today.

I talked to the Sprite Oldies this evening, after returning Itsy Bitsy earlier in the day. After getting ten cats done there, and spending a lot of time doing it, not even a thank you. I was terribly disappointed. I shouldn't have been. They had also claimed they would pay for five of the fixes and they didn't donate a dime. The usual. And totally normal for that street, which I once called The Street of Nightmares.


  1. God bless you for what you do. I often have paid for someone to have their cat spayed when they keep producing litter after litter of kittens.... it breaks my heart to see kittens taken to the pound, knowing how they are going to wind up dead in a few days or weeks. I think what you are doing is noble and will be rewarded - maybe not here in this space and time... but I think what you do is, well.. simply wonderful. Keep up the good work Cat Woman!

  2. Thank you Bekka. And thank you for helping cats get fixed, too!

  3. I have a Cow Cat Colony as well. = )