Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Women are still not equals. On PBS the other night, something on Mormons and how for so long they refused blacks the priesthood. They made a big deal about this, how it wasn't right and that finally, they made that wrong right. Not one mention that women cannot receive the priesthood in the Mormon church. Like it was not even an important point that the story emphasized the wrongness of excluding blacks, but failed to even mention the wrongness of excluding women, like most churches. Churches are very sexist, I've come to realize and perpetuate stereotypes of women that lead to abuse.

Muslims are the worst, in my opinion. The news this week tore my heart, of a 12 year old girl, in Yemen, handed off in marraige to a man over twice her age, tied down and raped by him, who then bled to death. He had carried her, after raping her so severely, to a medical clinic, where the doctor told him not to have sex with her for ten days. She had massive internal ripping from the rape and the doctor said nothing about that, as if the child was a plastic toy from Walmart without any real value, outside of that all important vagina.

The mother held her hand as she bled to death.

Yemini government has tried to change forced child marraiges, but religious leaders have stood in the way of such change, the news reported. Fucking fakos. Religion and controlling of women seem to go hand in hand. It is hidden under the guise of values, or, "family values" usually, but it has nothing to do with values. It has everything to do with inequality, sex and control.

Muslims and Mormons aren't the only culprits to place women at much lower value than men. Many religions do so. Yet, in America, they get tax exempt status while practising discrimination. How is that?

Rosa Parks once said that she was discriminated against far more as a woman than she ever was as a black.

Our world is falling apart, in part, because it is out of balance. We glorify male traits of violence and aggression and subjugate or devalue as weak, the feminine characteristics of nurture and warmth.

The yin and the yang must be balanced in each individual and in our world, or we will not survive.


  1. That's culture in the country, not religion. The Quran gives women equal rights to men. It's the culture that goes against it.

  2. People twisting things for their own devices I suppose then?

    I was always intrigued, by the supposed lost book of Mary Magdeline. There are many theories claiming Jesus to be a radical feminist, to use a hated word. Anyway, a better term might be equalist, that Mary Magdeline was his girlfriend, maybe even his wife, and that he planned to give leadership of his following to her. There have been speculations it is her in Da Vinci's last supper, also. I do not believe dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls means the story isn't possible, because her "book" could have been copied and a copy found, making the carbon dating after she lived insignificant. I like to read about all the theories anyhow. It's interesting. So many of the old symbols have had meanings changed to negative connotations, like the hexagon that symbolizes Satanism now, once was a fertility sign. The church itself has demonized symbols that once celebrated life and women.