Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Cats Fixed Today

Itsy Bitsy, last cat standing at the Sprite Oldie colony, now spayed.
Itsy Bitsy again.
Gray tux Scravel Cow Colony female, fixed yesterday.
Gray tabby tux male, fixed yesterday from same location.
Gray tuabby tux female, pregnant, fixed yesterday, from the cow colony.

I took four cats in to be fixed today. Three were girls, one of them pregnant, and one boy. Itsy Bitsy from the Sprite Oldies, turned out to be a girl, but she was not pregnant and not even in heat.

The pregnant girl and one boy, from the Scravel cow colony, look exactly alike, with the third, a gray tux, looked a lot like Itsy Bitsy. They trapped a fourth today, who looks just like two fixed today. They say there are four more to catch and they are out to get them. They are worn out there, from cows giving birth. The cow last night who had trouble did finally give birth to a healthy calf, but one son had to reach in and loop a rope around both hooves and pull his heart out to get the calf out. Mother and calf looked fine this a.m.

They sell them to people, who then sell them for beef, beef not fed corn, which these cattle raisers think is despicable, to feed cows corn.

When you see idiot labeling on meat at the store, that is supposed to impress people, and says "grain fed", go complain to the store manager. Tell him, "what are you--idiots? Cows don't eat grain and if they do, it makes them sick. Get that shit out of your store."

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