Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me Wrong!

I was wrong about those people at the DR. They caught one of the two preggies left. And they called to make an appointment for the FCCO clinic to get the tame abandoned black and white female in there. See there's something wrong with her. She drinks way too much water. But, they said she has done that ever since she was abandoned, almost two years ago now, and has not gained or lost weight. I would have guessed diabetes or hyperthyroid problems with a cat drinking water like that.

Anyhow, I was wrong. They did catch Stubs and are really into getting them all done now. And they did get out of bed to get it done. They told me tonight, due to all the meds they are on, they don't sleep well, so are up all night usually, but they usually only sleep part of the day and the guy says he often only sleeps three or four hours per day.

The neighbors have pledged to catch the now in heat tabby tux, who is tame to them. She was abandoned by other neighbors. She is being pursued by the male, who lives across the street, whom I got fixed the day before yesterday, but he doesn't know he is fixed yet.

I'd also called some guy advertising kittens and their mothers on craigslist to offer to get the adults fixed. But, he said, KATA had called first and taken in the two remaining kittens. I think they intend to take in the moms. The guy told me so, when I called, offering to get the moms fixed, but then today he calls and asks if I can get them fixed, but hedges around when I ask if KATA is taking them in. I don't like getting played, that's for sure, and the guy wouldn't say if KATA asked him to ask me to get them fixed or not and tried to avoid the question.

Anyhow I decided tonight 'what the hell' and to go ahead and get them done.

These cats are only a block away from the DR situation, come to find out. Funny thing.

Well, at least one more preggie down at the DR situation. One preggie to go. Two lactators to go, and their kittens found, if alive. And one in heat teen abandoned to go. Then there's a black male, too. But getting closer to completion.

Stinod still is not eating. She has a snarfling URI and I hope that is the reason, because her cheek lump is all but gone now. I had a hard time alone giving her push fluids sub cu today, but finally got her 35 cc, at least. Not much but it isn't easy to do push fluids alone when a cat doesn't want it done and is squiggling all over the place. She still has six whole days left on antibiotics and she just hates being in the bathroom alone.

She has become a little love bug who wants to be petted and held constantly. And yet, it can be dangerous.

She only sees shadows with that one eye, but wants to rub her cheek against my face. And that is when things get dicey, because if I move my eyes, she can panic and suddenly startle, slapping at my face lightning fast with claws out.

So I wear eye protection now, when I hold her. Then I can completely relax and not feel I might lose an eye if she suddenly sees a shadow movement and takes a swing in panic and that movement turns out to be my eyeball which I need.

So I got one deaf cat and one blind cat and they're my favorites. They have the most personality and the most courage and pluck like you'd never believe unless you know them. They also have trust and if they didn't, they'd have nothing.

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