Thursday, April 29, 2010

Debt Collector Scamming Scumbags

I get maybe 20 calls per day from the same number. That number is: 866-526-7795. I don't know who they are. I've answered it once, and the person immediately wanted my capital one credit card number. Only I don't have one. I told them so and asked what company this was, calling me a zillion times a day. They became rude, vulgar and finally after I repeated that question about ten times, they hung up. But the calls continue.

Today, I answered again and the woman wanted my card number. I said "Who are you people, thieves?"

She finally said they work for a debt collection agency. I said "That's nice. I don't have a capital one card and don't owe anybody. So take off your fucking harassment list." "No," she said glibly, with some other woman laughing in the background, "and you're a liar."

I called capital one then. They confirmed I have no account with them. I closed it when they rate jacked me from 9% apr to nearly 30% apr, without warning. This was not because I didn't pay on time, which I did, but because I live in Albany, where apparently a lot of people default on debt. They were rate jacking by zip code.

I filed a fraud report with capital one, letting them know scam assers were using their name to harass people. That's also in case it is capital one approved scam assers, and these scam assers are really really stupid and again linking my current land line to its previous owner, the woman who owes everyone in the world, who has not had this number for over three years.

On the web, this number may be linked to a notorious heartless debt collection agency called Allied Interstate. They are notorious because they use illegal tactics, cursing, intimidation, and threats. And by the way, they're really stupid debt collectors if it is them, to link the wrong person to a debtors old old number. They don't care who they harm, and I very much want to take this to court and sue them to hellfire and brimstone where they belong. They have been harassing me interminably for weeks.

I also want to sue tracfone. Because if this is a debt collector calling my cell phone number, the only link out there to my land line number, which was had by the old debtor, would be if tracfone sells my personal information, which they, in their contract, vow not to do. What fucking liars. And I'm sick of fucking liars. And the toll it is taking on me.

Call the number above. Give them hell but don't do it without first blocking your own number.

Well, I wanted to try to solve this one on my own, since the OR department of justice has helped me so much lately. But in the end, they're all I can think of to turn to, to stop these calls, so I did just file a complaint with them. I seem powerless to stop such harassment. But they sure get the job done. I got my Ikea refund! I used it to pay off Stinod's bill. That was sure darn helpful.

I also just filed a complaint with the FTC against them, as recommended for any out of state business you might be having problems with. I will also file a complaint with the state of Florida and the Florida Better Business Bureau.


  1. Jody - I have the perfect website for you to file a complaint, in addition to filing with your state dept. of justice - make sure you do that one, but then try this one, plus this one other. I contacted the first one recently about unfair money tactics with a prepaid debit card I've had since 2003. The day after they contacted me and said my letter was accepted for publication in their online publication which is read daily by attorneys and consumer protection groups etc. In fact I may have grounds, along with others, for a class action lawsuit. These people - this site - is really really good.
    as they told me in their email "our site is visited regularly by law enforcement agencies, local and national media and consumer organizations and we work closely with all of them to help identify consumer concerns."
    You need to include the trac phone complaint, too, I think.
    Other site, which I am going to next, is :

    you can "search" your subject here, i.e., tracphone, the phone number that is calling you, etc. and find out if there is something legal going on and you can also get a free case evaluation at no cost or obligation.

  2. Now they're claiming they will stop the calls, maybe because I've been calling their main number. Repeatedly. Now they claim it is smeone name Zachary Blount or Blunt they were really looking for. But I don't think they will stop, so will look into your recommendation.


    I hope this link works - they published my letter! its the second one on the page...yeah!

    perhaps they are looking for one of your former fixed cats?
    by the way, the one site I recommended mentioned these credit agencies are using more and more illegal and aggresive tactics and people are demanding the gov. crack down on this - they are doing it in this age of recession since bills are the last thing to often get paid...

  4. Very good letter. I was considering getting a green dot prepaid, but after reading all those complaints, boy! Do you recommend it?

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