Friday, April 30, 2010

Five Cats Being Fixed, and OMG! Driver Going Wrong Way

Gray tabby tux female, fixed today, from the DR.
Stubs, buff female, pregnant at spay, fixed today, from the DR.
Gray tux male, owned, a block from the DR, fixed today.
Blue Pt. Siam female, fixed today, lives a block from the DR. The man who owns these two Siamese females doesn't want them.
Same female again.
And the other Siamese female fixed today, lives a block from the DR and the man wants them gone.

Five cats are up being fixed. Three are from one household a block from the DR situation, all owned and tame. Then two are from the DR itself. The neighbors contained the abandoned little gray tabby tux female, so she is being spayed, and then Stubs, the buff preg female, is being spayed.

That leaves only the long tail buff female in immediate need of fixing, with two other females with kittens (out there somewhere), and a black male not fixed yet who comes through once a day, usually at night.

I returned the torti this morning, who was fixed on Tuesday.

Stinod is returning to the vet today, also. This morning, her snortling from the URI was intensely worsened.

When coming back from the vet, about to make an exit off Pacific to come home, I was faced with a big huge pickup truck coming the wrong way on Pacific right at me. I wasn't sure what to do, so I made the exit and moved over, figuring the woman was drunk.

After the truck sat for a time at that stop sign, having come over the overpass, driving the wrong way in the one way south lanes and making the exit, from the complete wrong direction, the driver and truck turned to follow me onto Jackson and went right by the cop shop. By this time, I was quite a distance ahead and safe, if she was drunk, which I can't figure out any other reason someone would be going the wrong way on the one way overpass.

I didn't get a plate number in all my worry, wanting to avoid being hit, but I did try to call the police. By the time I got through, and tried to explain the location, the truck was long gone. I'm sure the police found my description very helpful: big huge pickup! Yeah, like there are not a zillion of those in Albany.

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