Thursday, April 22, 2010


The two vets, in two different cities, who looked after Stinod were very kind and encouraging. I appreciate both women very very much and their efforts to help her. I'm lucky to run into so many really nice people. The techs and receptionists up in the Wilsonville clinic are wonderful as is the receptionist in the Jefferson clinic. Just regular people trying to make it doing their jobs.

I'm lucky in many more ways than that. I live in a great house right now. I have two brothers I love, even if I never see them. I'm counting my blessings, you see. I have to remind myself how lucky I am sometimes when I'm feeling blue.

I'm happy I was born in America. I know half the world hates America but we are a standard for the world, hated or loved. In so many countries I would have had such a horrible time of it, been virtually a slave. I am lucky I think. And I love Oregon, too, and I love the fact so many people want to make it better or solve problems. They're brave. Because it isn't easy.

The valley is so beautiful this time of year, busting out in green all over and new life. It's just gloriously beautiful. The rivers are thundering out the melting snow.

Sure, I know, we humans are messing everything up with our habits. But the young people, born fresh and noble, are still trying to make things better.

Whatever happens, happens. I can change some things. Other things, I'm just a sideliner to. As I get older, I'm more of a sideliner to most things.

I stick with what I can do, what I know. And that's helping out the mid valley cats. I want to take more risks. The older I get the less I have to lose.

I don't have many readers here. Those I have, thank you, and take care of yourselves in this confusing world. It is also a very beautiful work, if you look close or even from a distance. Especially in the spring.


  1. go stinod go! she/he? seems to want to hang in there no matter what. are the vet costs ok?

    we are lucky to be in america. i had a health issue in a highly sensetive area this week that kept me out of work the whole time - no sick pay but at least i was able to see good docs to get it solved asap! i havent' even had the energy to get online much. but monday back to work so we'll see how it goes.

  2. Hope you're ok, Kate! I saw on the news about one insurer and its subsideries, that drop women with breast cancer and sometimes pregnant women too. That's really awful, and they hire doctors who sign off on such behavior. My god! What greed does, when stuck in between patients and care.

  3. Greed is what its all about - would you believe, last year hubby gets a letter from his doctor's office (his primary care one, that is) asking for their input on this main issue - if his doctor were to offer a service that included priority visits, priority call back on phone calls in, no rush or assembly line style visits scheduled for certain days/hours - oh yeah, call in questions/consults taken three mornings a week from 7-8 a.m. blah blah blah- would they be willing to pay for this service. Hubby replied back - no - these services should be part of routine health care anywho without extra fees.
    Obviously they didn't take his advice because a few months later we got the - ta da! - announcement - of the "new" service - for something like 4 hundred a year - with these "priviledges" such as a whole hour with the doctor! and the chance to call him a few a.m.s a week! wow....wonder how many signed up????

  4. Rich people signed on. And if he has to neglect some asshole poor person who is in dire straits to answer a phone call from his $400 per month client, he will.

    I know doctors want to make money. There must be a way to satisfy both the needs of non well to do patients, rich patients and doctors. Magic wand time.

  5. Of course! Even before this when hubby went to him for bp checks and check ups he felt like he was on a rapidly moving assembly line...sometimes his own doctor forgot who he was! now thats bad! And he's only been going there for, lets see - fifteen years? Name that patient!