Friday, April 23, 2010

TV Shows

Survivor this season features a delicious blend of true villains and naive heroes. Ruppert tried to warn good ol boy JT that Russell is a snake and can't be trusted. Last episode, the eager to please younger man slipped the snake his own immunity idol, after the immunity challenge, which the villains lost, so Russell could protect himself and vote out Pavarti, a villainous women feared by the heroes, before the tribes merge. JT and some others on the heroes tribe, thought there was a women's alliance amongst the villains, when in fact Russell is the kingpin on that tribe.

In last night's episode the tribes did merge and that idol JT gave to Russell was used to vote out JT. He deserved it. Being that stupid and trusting. Pirate Ruppert had tried to warn his tribe members that Russell is a snake.

However, Pavarti had hidden something from Russell, the kingpin who likes to be in control, that she had her own immunity idol. Russell was not in the know, for once, on last night's vote out and handed his idol, the one JT gave him, to Pavarti, to protect her. In a brilliant move, Pavarti gave away both her idols after the vote before the count, to both women on the villains team she knew would be targets of the heroes tribe vote that night at tribal council. No votes could count then, for either of those two women, one of whom, the heroes had targeted for the vote out. So only the votes against JT counted, and JT went home.

However, Russell was shocked to see Pavarti had two idols, and not just the one he had given her. You can't have two evil control freak kingpins. There will be blood.

The chef show, Food Revolution, was interesting, too. I saw it only once. The Naked Chef has come to America intent on changing the way Americans eat. He went to a town rated the worst for obesity and in season one, has been trying to change attitudes about eating there. In the one episode I saw, he was trying to change school lunch menus, despite set in their ways angry women running the kitchen. One woman in particular wanted no change.

He held a kids quiz. He showed them common vegetables and asked the kids what they were. I was astounded! The kids could not even identify a potato! Nor could they identify most of the vegetables he showed them. They could of course identify a piece of pizza or a french fry. That part of the segment was a jaw dropper to me. When kids don't even know what a vegetable is, there's something real real wrong.

He decided to show a handful of kids what actually is in chicken nuggets---the yukky ground up leftovers from various carcasses, including entrails, skin and bones--not real meat. He said with most kids, showing what is really in the nuggets is enough. Not with these kids, however.

I think he's brave to try to change American eating habits. Good luck on that, though!

I have been half disgusted myself. Go into a supermarket and I wonder where the real food is. It's all prepackaged and canned this and that. High salt. High fructose corn syrup, corn in everything in fact. I think corn should be banned as an intrusive pest plant.

The modified corn kernel of today has almost zero nutrition, and is just a huge empty kernel of starch.

It's fed to all the animals killed for meat too and most animals don't have systems designed to eat corn so they have to add antibiotics to the corn fed to animals.

I also saw on TV a woman chicken farmer fed up with Tyson who gets farmers in debt setting up their disgusting chicken houses, in part, so the indebted farmers keep their mouths shut on what goes on. She was talking to cameras while picking up the daily load of dead chickens and saying "This isn't raising chickens. This is a factory production. Do you want eat this?"

She showed the catchers loading them onto trucks and said the big companies like to hire illegals to do these jobs because they have that over them, so they keep their mouths shut and just load the chickens, throwing em on the trucks like you'd toss wood onto a fire, the sick and dying ones, too.

She'll likely lose her Tyson contract and she didn't care. She was fed up with what is going on and how it is kept from the American people. But do Americans even care anymore, how their food is produced or what is in it, or if production methods are humane to animals?

Later it said she did lose her contract when she refused to install the "dark tunnel" method used by Tyson chicken houses, where the chickens never see the light of day.

I've passed these chicken trucks, headed to the slaughter houses. The sides are open, even in winter, with horrible cold and rain and wind pounding the chickens. Born to suffer and die. I forget. We're God's creatures. Only us though. Not them. Only us.

I don't think we do care. I think we're just dead brain consumers now.

When conservatives talk about getting back to basic values, I think about our food system in the US. Getting back to basic values might mean, to me at least, not eating any of this prepackaged crapola food or the meat, produced on factory meat farms, that is neither healthy in its manner of production nor humane.

I know what the conservatives are talking about, however, when they say "basic values". At least I think I do. It's different from what I think about with those two words. They hate homosexuals and abortion. That's all I equate Republicans with anymore.

I get my sound bites of information on everything from TV, you see.


  1. There's a third thing, which is to let big corporations do whatever they want to whomever or whatever they want - no regulations. I really don't like them - but they don't like me, either, so we're even.

  2. and where's the american idol commentary??????

  3. Sorry Jeanne. I don't watch American Idol.

  4. oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  5. But I LOVE Adam Lambert. i hope that counts for something.

  6. yes Jody, in my book, that TOTALLY counts for almost everything! I love him, too....there are two fairly decent contestants this year who we'll probably hear from - at this point, with six remaining (I only actually start watching when its whittled down to 8 or 9 - before that its just a lot of garbage to sort thru) - they are the front runners - Crystal and Lee - both were amazing on inspirational week - Lee did an old fav of mine from Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer - and it so worked! So, we'll see...for your readers out there who do watch, my ratingS:
    1. Crystal 2. Lee 3. Big Mike
    4. Casey 5. Siobhan 6. Aaron