Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stinod is Home, Still Alive

Stinod is back home after her trip to the vet. The vet drew out fluid from a pocket she found on the lump and found it to be full of bacteria. She also now has a fever of nearly 103. She's now on Baytril and got a Baytril injection. She got a steroid injection and fluids, too.

The vet does not know if the infection is secondary to cancer. She said to see if she gets better on the powerful antibiotics and to force feed her.

She said 90% of the time, these are just infections but they are usually from an infected tooth root but her teeth are fine. So she can't rule out cancer. However, it is possible the chin puncture was the original source of the infection. It could also have been from a tiny puncture wound on her cheek that closed over, but infection grew inside.

She's up in the bathroom now, and crying at the door. I'm going to bring her out and hold her, and watch TV or something. I'm so worn out from being up all night with her. I didn't know what to do. I looked up emergency clinic numbers in the night, then didn't call them, knowing I did not have the money for that.


  1. Well, we're hoping for the best!

    Sometimes I use boxes of kitten milk (like you can get at Fred Meyer) and a baby syringe to feed a little something to a cat that won't eat. It really helped Lucy when she was sick, I think.

    I think cats can go quite a while without eating, though.

  2. I'm feeding her nutrical. The vet said one teaspoon per day, fed in two feedings, gives them all the calories they need. But I got some chicken too and pureed it, added nutrical, and she likes that. I want to get some KMR though. That's a good idea. I think it is comforting to a sick cat also.

  3. good - if she likes what you are feeding her she'll eat hopefully. When my ginger first had the first anursym and didn't eat I was so worried - it took a couple days but then he was starting to eat again, even though i had to carry him to his food. Thats what worried me the most. they weight so little to begin with - its like a tiny baby - they can't go for long without food either without consequences...water i think is most important.