Monday, April 12, 2010

Bed Frame Eventually

Right now, the bed frame I built is a simple platform. Eventually, I hope to add six foot end pieces, attach a headboard, which will be made from a bookcase I already have, and add an upper bunk, for the cats to lounge upon, along with a run supported in part by the window side six foot end pieces along the wall. I then want to add slide down panels, so I can completely block access to the lower bunk, my bed, from the cats when I'm gone. Sorry cats! These will slide in place to cover the area between the lower bed and bottom frame of the upper bed, which I think will be four feet.

That's the plan. Implementing is always the issue. Today, I'll move in the platform frame and move my mattress, long a floor mattress, onto it.

The Scravel colony folks caught one more of their 8 last night. They were having cow birth problems, and became distracted from trapping when one of their heifers had problems calfing. They'll catch the rest I'm sure.

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