Sunday, April 18, 2010

Farmers' Markets are Fun

Click the post title to see a story in today's Gazette Times about local farmers markets. I used to go every week when I lived in Corvallis. The Corvallis market, along the river, is something else, like a huge community gathering every week.

I love it, at least when it isn't raining.

I went to the Albany market only once. The atmosphere was not like the Corvallis one, so I have not been back. Since moving to Albany, I don't get to the Corvallis one much either anymore and I do miss it. It is hard, if you go from a distance, to find anywhere to park.


  1. So I was thinking about this post compared to a previous one where you talked about getting arrested and I'm trying to figure out... is Corvallis NICE.. or NOT nice?

    BTW, my cat photos are going to get some notice, being in a gallery exhibition in Ft Collins, CO. I think they might try to get a story in the Oregonian about it, too. I haven't really talked about this on my cat blog but there is a link to the The Center for Fine Art Photography in the sidebar... you know, in case you want to go to Ft. Collins. :) Who am I kidding? Even *I* don't want to go there, and I'm supposed to be at the artist's reception! :)

  2. Well, every city is a mix. I love Corvallis because of the parks. The people, well, I don't know, mix I guess. I had it terrible there, due mainly to living in the projects, hounded by police who used the homeless and mentally ill for sport hunting, is the best way I can describe it. the county mental health had, as its main plan, drugging people into zombies, and stuffing them into those hotel rooms. It was horrible. Probably criminal.

    Civil rights for people labeled mental are non existent. Even in diversity friendly Corvallis, although those are just words they like to use to describe themselves and has nothing at all to do with the way things are or how people behave. I will just say, I like the parks in Corvallis, the lay out and I like the Farmers Market. I like the bike and pedestrian paths, and the fact there is far less drug activity there than here and that people fix their pets in higher numbers.

    You are going to Ft. Collins! Congratulations! How are you going to get there? That is a long way.

  3. My son used to go to OSU years ago and I loved visiting Corvallis. I've ridden my bike around the campus and town a little and I kind of had a fantasy about living there someday... but what you were saying about the cops made me wonder.

    As for Ft. Collins, if I go (and I suppose I should) it will be driving there; probably three days days in each direction (Coast to Boise, ID. Boise to Green River, WY, Green River to Ft Collins). I've made it across the country is similar fashion with these as the first stops. When I was younger I could drive for 14 hours at a stretch but not anymore. I'm just not sure I really want to do it yet. :)

  4. My art will be there Monday, btw. I shipped it out last week. They do the framing once it gets there.

    So my photo will be there whether I am there or not. :)

  5. Corvallis is a great place to bike or walk. I liked the bike, walk path from Corvallis to Philomath, since I lived halfway between the two towns. The biking, hiking, is great and you can get great exercise there, even if you haven't a dime to your name. That's what I like about it, but the cops are very difficult and I am scared of them. I don't do anything illegal, but I am scared of them, have always been scared of them there. Dates back to when I was in the mental health system and the sport cops, who liked to rouse people for fun, people like me. I try to avoid them at all costs.

  6. I think you should go. But that is a very long and expensive drive. If you can afford it, what have you got to lose? As I get older, I think I would do anything almost, for an experience, because time is running out for me.

  7. I kind of feel the same way and we're about the same age, I think. It's just that I have to 1. Figure out how to survive the cost and 2. find a way to overcome the severe people phobia I've developed. It's funny because in the old days I used to be in the public eye a lot but I just can't do it anymore. I need to go back to a therapist but I can't afford it. I'm sure it's probably PTSD related but I haven't found a good way to deal with it on my own.

  8. Maybe it's isolation related, too, Chriss, the less contact I have with people, the more dysfunctional I get when trying to be around people. Practise makes perfect, the old adage, might be true. I can't find a way to have human contact around here. I don't have a phobia of people, I want to have people in my life. I just can't find anybody who wants a new friend! People are so busy, and then there are the real freaks you don't want contact with.