Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad Hair Cats

Matilda got one of my bad haircuts two weeks ago. She had to be in my medical confinement cage for two weeks, to receive ear antibiotics and cleaning. She loved all the attention. I feel bad I gave her such a bad haircut but I am famous for those. No wait, I really don't feel bad at all. The cats need to deal with it!

Today I brought Stinod in and gave her a bad hair cut, along with cleaning her ears and treating an absess on her chin. She'd hooked one of her own claws into her chin. I also trimmed her claws. She's in the medical containment cage right now for some babying! She also likes the extra attention!

Next up will be Angel and finally Vision. Get ready kids! You are next for bad, really bad hair cuts..Stinod does not know what to think after getting hit with her yearly bad hair cut. I'm sure she loves it.Matilda shows off her very bad haircut. I have a rechargable Wahl clipper I got a few years back at Walmart for $12. People told me it would not last, but it has. People told me I would not be able to afford the blade sharpenings, but Densons' will do them for $5. They have some Fed Ex guy, who does it on the side, I think they said. How cool is that? $5! Sure helps me out. I do need to get some more blade oil. After clipping a cat, I clean the blades thoroughly with a brush and then apply blade oil, to keep them protected and lubed.Tweetie is all grown up now. She now looks much more like her sister Button, the torbi. She and Button are from Columbus Greens trailer park.

Tweetie again.
My backyard.
Backyard cat house,
Jade, relaxing. Jade is the young mom who had kittens in the corner of a Millersburg garage last spring.
Button, Tweeties sister. Both are from Columbus Greens.
Honey bullies Zach, formerly known as Bling, even though he was her elder at the homeless camp where both came from. Just a rebellious rude teenager, she is! He goes way around her, to avoid her confrontational boxing. Teddy, on the other hand, has taken a shining to Zach, until he's done with Zach's neediness, then Teddy swats Zach. However, Tugs the torti and Zach are great buddies.

Stinod has something on her chin, but I can't figure out what is going on with that. And she is sticking her tongue out somewhat. I cannot for the life of me, with my bad eyes, tell if one side of her face is swollen. All that hair makes it tough. I hope she has not broken her lower jaw, like Electra did. I have worried about her out there in the cat yard, blind like she is, even climbing the tree, but she does not like to be inside, where she can't navigate the complicated pathways and startles if she runs into one of the other cats.

The other thing I noticed, that eye that was removed, its open. Those lids did not grow together. It's fascinating but really morbid to see the slit, see her blink, that empty eye socket, moving the upper and lower lids, knowing it's a black hole in there. I think that needs some attention there, because, my gosh, it's like a horror movie in a way. Makes me recoil.


  1. Great pictures of the cats once again! Button and Tweetie are such a good looking pair. Stinod certainly looks tinier with her haircut!

  2. She looks like a little rat, after her excessive long and thick black hair is gone. There were literally buckets of hair I clipped off. I finally found the cat beneath the hair, and she's small, smarter than me and quick with her paws. But she also purrs loudly and demands petting. I am such a slave.