Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haul Your Ass Out of Bed

Must be nice.

The DR situation people have a live trap. Do they use it or will they, to catch the cats they feed to be fixed? Nah!

Too much work. OMG way too much work.

It's almost noon. I call them up, just to see, if some enlightenment has occurred, like a lightning bolt, change!--if they have decided to participate, do some labor, to solve the situation they created. Like set and watch that trap they have.

No. They're still in bed. "We stayed up all night," she says, sleepily. I said "Well, good, trapping is good at night, you set that trap then and checked it last night?" Of course they had not.

"Well, it was raining." I was ready for this excuse.

"Your garage is perfectly dry and they go in and out of there. You also could set it under your trailer or you could put a tarp over it."

She tries to change the subject by saying another female is now pregnant. I said "All the more reason to haul your ass out of bed and get to work on it."

"Aaahhhhh," she said, "but I'm sleepy."

"So am I," I said, "from hauling your cats to and fro, finding them homes, getting them fixed. How about some effort on your part?"

"Ok. We'll try." I don't believe her. I want to. But I don't. This is practised encouraged laziness I'm witnessing.

Nobody's called them on it. I will.

Somebody needs to.

Nobody is doing them any favors by keeping silent on that.

PC speech keeps most of us silent on what should be said. We just can't offend someone these days or even risk maybe offending someone. This is a real problem of our time and inhibits progress for individuals and ability to become tough. So what needs said doesn't get said and instead, it gets stuffed down inside somebody else, where it festers and becomes vile.

Lately, I've decided 'to hell with PC everything'. I think it's a good decision. At least it works for me.

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