Friday, March 12, 2010

Photos of Cats fixed Yesterday

I took six cats up from the Corvallis colony to be fixed yesterday. They were three females: a short hair torbi tux, a long hair torbi tux and a gray tux; and three males: an all white prev neuter, Angel; a silver tabby tux male, and a gray tabby, Boots, notorious for fighting, with a badly healed broken front right leg.The silver tabby tux male, fixed yesterday.
Boots, the huge angry gray tabby, with the healed over broken front right leg, that causes him to limp and sometimes hop. The man who feeds them said it happened two years ago.
Boots again.

Angel, the white male, who, it was determined, was previously neutered. He now has an eartip to prove it.
Socks, a gray tux female, fixed yesterday.
DSH silver tabby tux male, fixed yesterday.
Dsh torbi tux female, fixed yesterday.
DLH torbi tux, fixed yesterday.

This morning the 86 year old woman called from the Sprite Oldies colony, stating there was something big hairy and scary in one trap. I told her not to touch the trap, that I'd come release it. I figured it would be a raccoon, but it was a huge nutria.
Newt fangs are notorious in these parts, as dangerous hollow weapons that can latch onto an ankle, if you are unfortunate enough to startle one, especially in the dark.


  1. Oh poor thing...hope you let him go where you found him!
    And great work (as usual) with the rest.

  2. Yes, I turned Mr. Newt loose.

  3. wow - luckily the old lady could see enough to know it wasn't a massive huge cat! By the way, perfect name for the silver cat - boots - he's got perfect white boots! love the trap, by the it new?

  4. Why yes, Jeanne, that trap just happens to be new. I got it benevolently in the mail, sent by my very famous friend, who is well known across the east coast but resides in Baltimore, only because she loves Baltimore's atmosphere. She has two lovely children and a hubby and a cat named Rook. Do you know her?

  5. Yes, it is good the old woman, who can only see out of the edges of one eye, did not get close to that growling newt. She heard it growling at her, which is fortunate and it was fortunate her husband is not feeling well at all. Only in the sense that he tries to stick his fingers in through the mesh of traps, to pet even the wildest of cats and I can't stop him from doing that and neither can she. So he was laying down when the newt was caught and that's a good thing. Not a good thing that he isn't doing well. His wife was worried to tears yesterday about him, afraid he is on the brink of having a stroke. It was really sad. Getting old is not fun. The old guy put it bluntly the other day when I was out there, "It beats the alternative," he said.

  6. Why yes, I happen to know her very well...she has a very good friend in Illinois, too, and another in new york. And when she waves her magic wand everyone's wishes come true...

  7. I agree, wonderful work as usual! They are all beautiful cats!

  8. The Illinois friend, would that be Prince Keith the Great?

  9. ah perhaps it might be, only we call him King Keith of the Kats!