Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goodbye Breezy. Adair Girl Joins Her Brothers

Breezy, the sixth cat I trapped in the Doomed Adair colony, headed off at last to join her brothers. She had been in my garage, in a deluxe holding cage, since I trapped her. She is far more social than her brothers, talkative, expressive and full of personality. She began desperately trying to interact with my cats in the overhead garage run, in the end, because she was lonely. She would meow wildly to get my attention if I enteed the garage. It was time for her to move on out to join her brothers, and the other cats the farmer and his wife own and love.

So off she went yesterday, with her deluxe containment cage, and with her caretaker, her savior, who had fed her in the berry vines until someone complained to the county and the county gave the three persons feeding the cats two weeks to remove them or they would be killed.

She was born to an abandoned mother cat, as is so often the case, but she lucked out when three kind souls noticed the cats and one kind soul in particular, who remained undaunted in efforts to save the cats, under threats from the county who was under complaint from some whiney jerk off.

Boy do I hate people who complain but will not act to make anything better. Complainers expect other people to do any work. That's just the way they are.

But the undaunted kind soul did not relent under pressure and also took full financial responsibility for the costs involved. That kind soul is Albany City Bus driver Corliss, whose acts of honesty and humanity have extended for decades because that it is the way she is.

The abandoned mother cat and one of the four kittens have disappeared. The other three kittens are now in a new home. There were three other cats there, all tame, all abandoned by Adair assholes. One was euthanized because the cat was FIV positive. That was before the caretaker found out FIV positive cats can be rehomed and live very long healthy lives. Poppa's president immediately agreed to take on the two tame FIV boys and did so, and they remain up there with her, safe and sound, but hoping for homes.

Adair people, please fix your pets and those who act like barbarians by dumping them and leaving them like trash: you're assholes without character. Those people who helped these cats, saved them, now they have character and show it with action.


  1. Goodbye, Breezy!!

    It's funny but as over-catted as I am and as much as I work to find homes, I always have a hard time saying goodbye. :(

    Nevertheless, a kitty with a home to go to is a lucky kitty, I guess.

  2. It is tough sometimes. Breezy had not been here too long and I kept her in the garage to boot, so as not to bond. I am over catted also and have not had one call on my paper ad running for Crusty. Except for the usual call I get on every single ad, from an Albany woman. She never thinks I'll remember and I don't know what happens to the cats she has or takes in. At one point, she claimed to have 12 cats most not fixed, when she called wanting a cat I was advertising. The next it was three dogs and five cats. I don't what is going on at that house with animals.

  3. This is coming up on the bad time of year, too, when all the kittens are born. Spring is the worst time for adoption it seems because there are too many kittens and not enough homes. And its always a shame no one wants to adopt teen or adult cats, who can be wonderful companions!