Friday, March 12, 2010

Inner City Housing Abandoned Its Cats

This was forwarded to me from a Eugene rescue person. It is about Inner City Housing cats being left behind, when that outfit went bankrupt. When I heard about them going bankrupt, I did e-mail SafeHaven and ask if they would check to see if Inner City left behind cats, since they had featured them on their ads all the time. Safehaven is virtually next door, with a couple gas stations in between, to the former Inner City Housing.

Apparently this didn't happen, because, according to the e-mail sent from Eugene, an Albany resident saw the cats, but could only get to them when a gate, usually locked and guarded, was open. E-mail sent from Eugene group below. I did e-mail SafeHaven again this morning, when I received the below e-mail, to ask them again to see what could be done about these left behind cats......I can't take in more cats.

Update: Safehaven contacted me back and said they were not allowed onto the property, that there is a security guard posted 24/7 and that intervention for the cats would have to be a law enforcement issue. I had already contacted a Democrat Herald reporter, after receiving the Eugene people's e-mail, asking if she might do a story, to get help for the cats, and she said she will look into it. And this might be the only hope for the cats. I hope she can get some answers.

"The following is from a concerned citizen.........
"I saw something disturbing yesterday. We were waiting (ironically) to set up our art booth at the cat show in Albany yesterday and had some time to kill. Went over to Inner City Housing to look at some manufactured homes. Gate was open - happened to be good timing. They closed thier doors around Christmas and walked away - abandoning their "inner-city kitties". One little tabby girl ran up to us looking for food - she looked like she might be pregnant. A second white and black one came limping over to us as well - definitely in need of some medical attention. A police/security officer came to see what we were doing there and told us they had shut down. I asked who was looking after the cats. She said she'd been giving them some food but no one was taking care of them - they got left with everything else. I don't know if you guys are able to do anything or not. The officer said there were a lot of them. I only saw 2. She said most were not friendly but I have no idea how many there are."

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