Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caught Six More at Corvallis Colony

I caught six more, at the Corvallis colony, including a huge male with an injured leg, who used to hang out, to impregnate that is, at the homeless camp. In fact, he may be Peter and James papa.

Two are males for sure. Two are females for sure, including a beautiful long hair torbi and a short hair torbi. They may be sisters, the man who feeds them says. Then there is a gray tux short hair and a pure white he calls Angel.

There are lots more to catch, including Samantha, a formerly tame Siamese female, and Puff, a Snowshoe Siamese mix, two or three or four more tabby mixes, a black and white, Patches, a muted calico, a straight torti, just lots more.

But they're getting wise to me, that's for sure. They're onto me now.

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