Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have More Cats Than SafeHaven Up for Adoption!

Click post title to go to another article about SafeHaven. In it, the article states they have about 20 cats at the shelter up for adoption. I have 30 here!

Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, I cannot get publicity from the local paper. I've given up. On more things than that.

It's sad a private person ends up with more cats up for adoption than the big local shelter with their paid staff.

I never meant to end up with so many. What happened? Moving to Albany happened, with its massive cat overpopulation problem. Abandoned cats and suffering everywhere I turned. No escaping it.

And when I moved, I also lost all these contacts I used to have, of people who would just stop by and leave a bag of cat food on my doorstep or spread the word, with coworkers, family, friends, to help me find homes for cats. I used to be able to find homes for cats rather easily. I can't anymore.

I've just given up everything in a way, since moving here. But then I never encountered the sheer numbers of unwanted cats I have, since moving here. Maybe I'm lucky to just have 30 waiting for homes.

My attitude has changed somewhat since moving to Albany. I've given up on many things and I don't care about many things I used to care about. I see no way out of Albany, the concrete jungle. I've become a slug.

I've been chronically depressed, too, since moving here. I am terribly uncomfortable in concrete jungle towns. It is completely unnatural to my nature. Suppose it goes way to back to growing up, scared of my father, and slipping out my window into the forest to find peace and comfort, as a very young child. I am out of my element for sure here. I can't seem to adjust.

The cat in the photo in the article about Safehaven sure is pretty.

I will just have to "unslug" myself, while there's still time!

I must kill the slug within.

And work harder at finding these cats here homes.

I feel really good when I find other people who have more cats than I do up for adoption. Makes me feel pretty darn successful and less of a freak. I need to find more people who have more cats, as one solution, so I can feel better about myself.


  1. my goal once finances are in order is informal sponsorship...every time i pay a bill on my CC i feel a little closer..even though it takes awhile..that's what happens when a head gasket blows during unemployment. ugg..almost paid after 1.5 years! i can't wait to help more but i have learned to make sure i don't extend when i can't extend myself..which sucks sometimes but is the responsible thing to do :)

  2. a concrete jungle? Jody, hav eyou seen the photos i've sent you from Baltimore? this is a concrete jungle - you live in a forest compared to me. You have space between your houses - you have grass, and trees, and a backyard. I have brick brick brick, concrete, cobblestones, marble porches, brick brick brick. I will trad eyou anyday, anytime. I'll send you the plane ticket even!

  3. Well, you should try to get out if you don't like it, Jeanne. People should not live isolated from nature. Yes, this is a concrete jungle too. Lawns don't count as nature. Strangely, there are people who LOVE concrete jungle living, like my older brother, who would like to actually live in a high rise in downtown Portland. Many people do not like open spaces or forests. I suppose it is what you grow up used to. I grew up on a hillside with forest all around, gravel road. I feel trapped here, but would be unable to exist in Baltimore without going nuts. I think the isolation from nature affects people mentally. I live in a project, high rise old hotel in Corvallis for 14 years and those years were not even like living. But, I know, some people like to live jam packed and don't seem to need contact with nature. Look at most of Japan, tightly packed like sardines.

  4. Really, Jeanne, if you don't like it there, why not try to get out?

  5. I wish your whole family would move to Oregon, then I'd have someone to bug and go out to coffee with. The fact we had trouble on your visit was only because you stayed here, which I found out, isn't a wise thing to do, even with family members (have that long a visit with someone staying at your place). I think you'd love Oregon, but maybe your kids would think it was a hick state. I always think people in big cities for some reason have far more sophisticated needs and tastes. It's a stereotypic thinking thing. Just like I automatically think people with British accents are very smart and sophisticated but probaby snobby. I don't know why I hold these stereotypes.

  6. i think those stereotypes are due to t.v. series that show those stereotypes. The few shows I watch on BBC America are sci fi series - Survivors, Torchwood, and Dr. Who. Luckily, the british and welsh characters aren't "stuck up" - they are funny and not all sophisticated, esp. Dr. Who.

    Its not that easy just to pack up and move - it takes money and opportunity. Yeah, it would be nice to go out there. I've lived in Baltimore County most of my life, and it is so different from the city. Our counties are wonderful. Green. parks. I honestly don't consider your area a concrete jungle. It reminded me more of some places in baltimore county like essex and dundalk. those are the "poorer counties"....I haven;'t met many "sophisticated" people in the city here - most of them can't even speak english correctly. hell, most can't even spell, or read, or write.