Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember the Nebraska Cats?

Some of you blog readers contributed to Heartland Spay Neuter Fund of Nebraska to help get Joy's Hildreth cats fixed. Joy fed ten cats, which has turned into 12 I think, although two got homes once fixed. She still has three to get caught and fixed.

She found this blog in trying to find some way to get those cats, on a farm whose owner died, fixed. She has cared for them for quite some time now. Then she hooked up with Heartland Spay Neuter fund. Blog readers helped fund some of those fixes.

The good news is Joy is now involved with Heartland Spay Neuter and right now, middle of our Oregon night, is driving 500 miles almost, with a load of cats, from another Nebraska colony, to a Fort Lupton CO low cost clinic. You see, even with gas money, the price at the Fort Lupton clinic is far cheaper, hundreds cheaper, for fixing the 12 cats she is transporting, than anywhere in Nebraska.

It's a long drive, Joy. I hope you and those 12 cats make it just fine, then make it all the way back. Hail to the brave cat fixers of Nebraska. They are pioneers trying to make a difference.

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