Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Familiar Face

I got a home offer, for five of the homeless camp cats. So I went over to try to trap tonight, since the weather turned decent.

I only caught two, one of the unfixed gray teens, the homeless told me were out there. And, a face from the past, from 11.27.2007 to be exact.

It's a shaggy Maine Coon looker. Looks a male, but she's a girl. I trapped her in 2007 by Homeless Richard's tent. He was ecstatic about it because he said she'd had a million kittens. But, the cat might have turned out to be a male. I can't remember now. I'll look back in my records. Richard had told me the cat was back. Formerly, he told me she was dead. You never know what is real about what you're told if you're out in the twilight zone, a.k.a., the homeless camp.This is the cat fixed in 2007 whom I retrapped tonight. This photo was taken today.And this photo of same cat was taken in November 2007.
This is the unfixed teen I caught tonight.


  1. The Maine Coon looks a beaut! Is it tame enough for adoption?

    Take Care,

  2. Barn home. But......the homeless are getting squirrely on me. Now they have a list of ten of the cats they do not want gone, and some of those were the ones I trapped tonight and had to release, to keep the peace. Gosh darn it they are making it hard on me.