Monday, February 08, 2010


I got the cat. This morning, early, in the fog. I was told it is a girl but it looks a lot like a boy to me.

Whatever. The cat will be fixed, along with Big Ben, tomorrow. I'm done for the day!

I was sure it was the long hair cat from my night trapping when I loaded the cat. When I look at the photos I took of the cat just now, I'm not so sure it's the long hair. I'll go look at the tail, which the cat I would see at night, held like a plume. This cat's size is consistent with the size of the cat I would see.

The last black from the doomed colony. At least I hope it is.
The Last Black. TLB for short.

Big Ben, the monstrous tabby from the colony, who is tame and they say, joined the little colony a month ago. It was a very very small colony. Three of the five were tame cats. The other two are the surviving siblings of a dumped tame black long hair. She arrived very very pregnant, I was told, and promptly had four kittens in the berry vines. She disappeared months ago, I was also told, along with two of the four kittens. The other two, hopefully the two blacks in my garage, now 8 months of age, will be going to a barn home one of the feeders has lined up for them. The monster tame male, Big Ben, may go to a farmer the feeder knows, who said his wife would let him take one of the cats. He'd already taken in one from the colony quite awhile back.


  1. That's wonderful news! You're amazing. :)

  2. I don't know how I've ended up finding and reading your weblog at 1:30am (in Spain), but it has completely moved me.
    My name is Maya, I am 24 and I am a cat lover myself, being the daughter of a cat-specialised vet. Cats are my weak spot, I've also fed and spayed stray cats all my life (not as many as you, I'm afraid, but you are too incredible). What you do is amazing, touching and very, very hard, I'm sure. You have all my respect, and I wish there were more people like you in the world.
    I know you don't need them to thank you for what you do, but since cats can't comment on your blog, let me speak for them and say "thank you for existing".

  3. Hello Maya, from Oregon to Spain! It's nice to meet a fellow cat lover from across the world.