Monday, February 08, 2010


I got the cat. This morning, early, in the fog. I was told it is a girl but it looks a lot like a boy to me.

Whatever. The cat will be fixed, along with Big Ben, tomorrow. I'm done for the day!

I was sure it was the long hair cat from my night trapping when I loaded the cat. When I look at the photos I took of the cat just now, I'm not so sure it's the long hair. I'll go look at the tail, which the cat I would see at night, held like a plume. This cat's size is consistent with the size of the cat I would see.

The last black from the doomed colony. At least I hope it is.
The Last Black. TLB for short.

Big Ben, the monstrous tabby from the colony, who is tame and they say, joined the little colony a month ago. It was a very very small colony. Three of the five were tame cats. The other two are the surviving siblings of a dumped tame black long hair. She arrived very very pregnant, I was told, and promptly had four kittens in the berry vines. She disappeared months ago, I was also told, along with two of the four kittens. The other two, hopefully the two blacks in my garage, now 8 months of age, will be going to a barn home one of the feeders has lined up for them. The monster tame male, Big Ben, may go to a farmer the feeder knows, who said his wife would let him take one of the cats. He'd already taken in one from the colony quite awhile back.

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