Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caught Another

After delivering five more black cats, from Llewelyn Black Colony, to the vet to be fixed, I went to check traps I left set through the night. Nobody was in either. One was closed but empty. Yet, a black cat ran off as I came around the corner to check the trap. I immediately reset it, waited 15 minutes and caught a black cat. But, while watching, I saw a teen or kitten go into the driveway, the cat who ran off was an adult.

The cat in the trap is in between adult and kitten. I know there is at least one cat left to catch out there. But there may actually be two.

On and on it goes. This latest cat has a narrower longer face. He or she is distinct.

I had hoped to return the six fixed Tuesday today, but I will wait one more day. I have them housed in two rabbit hutches currently.

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