Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Llewelyn

Trapped and fixed so far in Black Llewelyn colony: 12 cats. I do not know the sexes yet of the six being fixed today. Tuesday, four females, one in heat, and one a kitten, were fixed, along with two teen males. UPDATE: The sexes were four more females, including two kittens. One of the girl kittens is the kitten with the swollen eye. The vet thinks the eye is savable and wants me to treat it with antibiotic drops for one week. So, two kitten females, two adults females, one kitten male and among the 12 cats fixed so far, the very first adult male. So, of the 12, 8 females, 4 males, but three of those males were kittens.

Below are photos of the six up being fixed today:

This is the kitten with the swollen left eye. I haven't heard from the vet yet, as to what he thinks about that eye. This is a girl kitten.
This is the black one I trapped this morning, whom I took straight up to the vet. And it was a girl, too.
Another shot of the last cat caught, this a.m.
One of the three adults being fixed today. This one was also a girl.
And another.
There are also three kittens being fixed today. This is one of them. This is the girl kitten.
And another shot of the same kitten.
This is another of the three kittens up being fixed today. This is the boy kitten.

Below are photos of four of the six cats fixed Tuesday.

Teen male, fixed Tuesday.
Another of the adult females fixed Tuesday.And another of three adult females, fixed Tuesday.
This is the female kitten, fixed Tuesday, whose tail has been bitten or badly skinned in an accident of some sort.


  1. awww they're like my weezie. i wish i could take them all..

    i love black cats.

  2. Did you get moved, HB?

  3. Such beautiful black babies!! YAY-fixed females. BLESS YOU JODY!!!!!!!!