Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Six Cats, Including Monster Male, Being Fixed today

Six more cats are up being fixed today. All are Albany cats.

Three more come from the Bengal Group, including a beautiful Bengal Siamese mix female, a MONSTER black male and a second orange tabby male. Bengal Man thinks we've got them all, now that the 2nd orange tom was caught. Only three of the adults had to be trapped. Most are very tame.

21 cats fixed there since Friday. Six were fixed last Friday. Two were fixed Saturday. Ten were fixed yesterday and three more today. Four kittens didn't return. The black male kitten was adopted by some clients of the Wilsonville clinic along with the brown tabby homeless camp female kitten. The other three Bengal mix kittens are in my bathroom, now awaiting homes. I've had three inquiries, but nobody has returned an e-mail after I asked for an adoption contract to be filled out.

Two long hair muted torti Maine Coon looking girls owned in Albany went up also to be fixed today. And a Lynx Pt. Blue Pt. Siamese male from Albany went up. He had showed up at someone's back door awhile back, apparently abandoned. He tries to get into her place and it's very sad. She wanted me to take him and find him a home, but I said all I could do would be get him fixed, so he's being fixed.

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